Three films predicting what fashion will look like in 2030

New exhibition Fashioned From Nature has now opened at London’s V&A, and – given this is the museum that brought you Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty and last year’s Balenciaga retrospective – we’d advise you head down to check it out.

Chronicling the inextricable link that unites fashion and nature (no surprises there), the exhibition…

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Olivier Rousteing on creating two iconic wardrobes for Beyoncé

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 09.08.52

Like us, you’re probably stil trying to locate your wig after Beyoncé’s performance last weekend at Coachella. Renamed ‘Beychella’ by the world – and then later by DJ Khaled – the production saw the singer take to the stage with a giant band, army of dancers, with…

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These incredible photographs are prophecies for our planet

Fabrice Monteiro, The Prophecy

“The western world has lost touch with its roots, its traditions, its culture, and the sense of connection that ties it to nature,” explains Fabrice Monteiro when asked about the reasons behind his most recent body of work, The Prophecy – a series of evocative visual allegories shedding light on major current environmental concerns. “We live in this hyper-consumerist system where profit comes first, and the links to our origins and…

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Fabrice Monteiro, The Prophecy Fabrice Monteiro, The Prophecy Fabrice Monteiro, The Prophecy Fabrice Monteiro, The Prophecy 
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Jonathan Richman: I, Jonathan

Each Sunday, Pitchfork takes an in-depth look at a significant album from the past, and any record not in our archives is eligible. Today we explore the highlight of Jonathan Richman’s rich and varied solo career.

Koralie Shows New Work in ‘Indigo Blood Project’

Koralie's interest in "folk customs, emblematic monuments and animistic ritual" translates into stencil work on canvas that evokes cultures from across the world and creates illusionary layers. In a show currently running at Jonathan Levine Projects, titled “Indigo Blood Project,” the artist’s newest works are shown. Koralie was featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 46 and most recently on the Hi-Fructose blog here.

Now Available in the Hi-Fructose Store

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The National: Boxer (Live in Brussels)

In 2017, the National revisited their 2007 classic Boxer at a show in Brussels, and the set has been packaged for a Record Store Day release. You had to be there...

Shuggie Otis: Inter-Fusion

The L.A. psych-soul artist’s first album in more than 40 years is a plodding, overdriven blues-jazz odyssey that feels like a chore.