Mase: Harlem World

Each Sunday, Pitchfork takes an in-depth look at a significant album from the past, and any record not in our archives is eligible. Today, we revisit the debut album from Mase, an icon of the shiny suit era who turned the Bad Boy throne into a recliner.

Playful Illustrative Characters Span Brightly Painted Walls by Joachim

Belgian street artist Joachim paints vibrant murals that look as if they were torn from the pages of a very large children’s book. His illustrative style brings humor and color to walls and structures in cities across the world. Joachim first discovered graffiti and street art as a six-year-old child in Antwerp. As an adult, he began experimenting with various styles both on walls and on canvases as a way to grow and develop his own aesthetic, separate from the work he had done in art school.

From 88-foot-tall underpass pillars in Austria to one-story quickies, what connects each of the artist’s murals is his use of bold lines, dynamic poses, contrast, and the playful spirit that he infuses into every piece. Two recent murals in Antwerp, where much of his art can be found on walls throughout the city, were made in collaboration with local schoolchildren. Joachim created the outlines of a stylized horse and bull, and then kids held their (gloved) hands up to be spray painted, their silhouettes creating the textured surface of each animal.

To see more of Joachim’s fun paintings and for updates on the two currently-secret solo gallery shows that he is currently working on, give him a follow and a like on Instagram and Facebook.

Donald Trump calls for A$AP Rocky’s release after speaking to Kanye

Donald Trump and Kanye West, Trump Tower, 2016

A$AP Rocky has been held in Swedish custody since early July on suspicion of assault (despite claiming, with video evidence, to have been acting in self-defence). Because of this, the rapper has missed shows and there have been concerns that he’s being held in “inhumane conditions”, prompting a read more »

The Relief Prints of Kathleen Neeley

Kathleen Neeley’s linocut prints are infused with varying cultures across time, yet feel wholly contemporary in reflection. The artist looks at our relationship to the Earth, femininity, and other personal subjects while maintaining the elements and motifs of myths.

The Painted Portraits of Sarah Ball

Sarah Ball's oil paintings, subtle in their complexity, are intended for the viewer to encounter the portrait's subject intimately. The practice of physiognomy, or judging the character of a person just from their facial features or expressions, has long been a subject of fascination for the artist. In efforts like her current Anima Mundi show "Themself," she culls her subjects from historic photographic archives, social media, and beyond. "These source images become a starting point for a methodical process of understanding, assumption and translation, where the aesthetic ‘mask' and what lies beneath become the focus of engagement,” the gallery says.

Brockhampton’s new album gets an August release date


Good news: the new Brockhampton album is slated for an August release, according to a new Instagram post that also confirms its title: Ginger. The post also features new, distinctively soul-y music, over a grainy video collage of the boy band members’ faces. While it ends with the album name and month, there’s no specific date yet.

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Billie Eilish launches an oversized capsule collection with Freak City

Billie Eilish wears her Freak City collection

Anyone that’s familiar with Billie Eilish will no doubt recognise her distinctive style (and we’re not just talking about those slime green roots). The singer’s Instagram is filled with oversized streetwear looks, bright colours and monograms, and at shows the same outfits are pretty much a given,…

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Brian Eno: Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks – Extended Edition

The 1983 film score aspired to the weightlessness of outer space. A remastered edition adds an album’s worth of new songs that reflect how far we’ve come from the Apollo missions’ optimism.