Virgil Abloh’s second LV show was a Michael Jackson-themed production

Louis Vuitton AW19 Menswear Virgil Abloh

After making his debut last season, today marked Virgil Abloh’s sophomore collection for Louis Vuitton. Stepping up the production level once more – who knew it could be possible – here’s everything that went down at the AW19 show.


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Louis Vuitton AW19 Menswear Virgil Abloh Louis Vuitton AW19 Menswear Virgil Abloh Alton Mason Louis Vuitton AW19 Menswear Virgil Abloh Louis Vuitton AW19 Menswear Virgil Abloh Louis Vuitton AW19 Menswear Virgil Abloh Louis Vuitton AW19 Menswear Virgil Abloh 
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Ed Fornieles’s new project proposes a new way to help fund artists

Ed Fornieles

Ed Fornieles made a name for himself a few years back as the poster boy for post-internet art through a series of immersive performances in London, which included a gallery frat party at Guest Projects (“Animal House”, 2011) and an award ceremony honouring Zac Efron at Serpentine Gallery…

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Layered Paintings by Betsy Walton Build Memory into Colorful Explorations of the Pacific Northwest

Artist Betsy Walton loosely imitates the landscape of Portland, Oregon in paintings infused with geodesic rocks and female subjects dressed as spellbinding goddesses. Walton works in layers, leaving some areas of the paintings bare with minimal sketches, while others have been painted, mixed with new media, or patched over multiple times.

“I paint over old versions of images so that there is a kind of memory to the painting,” she explains to Colossal. “I like being able to create an image that slowly unfolds. My hope is that a person looking at the finished work is able to have a long relationship with the image—lots of nuance to discover over time.”

Although Portland’s winters have become a primary point of inspiration, Walton likes to also bring in elements of travel by including flora that exist outside of the Pacific Northwest. She also includes natural phenomena or invisible structures that we might not see in everyday life, such as winding tree roots or the ribs of a female subject. “In each painting I am working through a kind of mindfulness process wherein I try to stay faithful to my ideas as they arise, even if I can’t explain it or it seems like a hard turn from where I started,” she explains. “It’s a delicate dance between unconditional acceptance of new ideas and subsequent editing phases where I try to refine the image and gain more clarity in the expression of the image’s story. ”

Walton’s first solo exhibition will open in May 2020 at Stephanie Chefas Projects in Portland. You can view more of her paintings on her website and Instagram.

‘Conjoined Vs. Grotesque’ Group Show Celebrates the Monstrous

Samuel Araya

Artist Chet Zar and collector-author Jeremy Wagner have co-curated "Conjoined Vs. Grotesque," a group show celebrating “the Denizens of the Dark.” The show arrives Jan. 19 at Copro Gallery and runs through Feb. 16. Artists on the roster include Zar himself (who was last featured on here), Kazuhiro Tsuji, Jay Weinberg, Shane Pierce, Louie Becker, Matt Dangler, Gene Ambo, Claudio Bergamin, Max Verehin, Vincent Villafranca, Dan Harms, Mark Rudolph, Miroslav Petro, Zack Dunn, Dominic Holmes, Carin Hazmat, Magnus Gjoen, Ronald Gonzalez, Bob Tyrrell, Rob Smits, Kevin Estrada, Wes Benscoter, Ed Repka, Dan Seagrave, Andreas Marschall, Scott Musgrove, Ryan Matthew Cohn, and others.

Rick Owens does sleazy glam rock for AW19

Rick Owens AW19 Larry collection

Following on from Rick Owens’ incredible SS19 womenswear show, which took place in September and saw the designer poignantly set the Parisian sky ablaze, we’re back at the city’s Palais De Tokyo to see what he has in store for us come AW19. Here’s everything you need to know.


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This Procter & Gamble Opté Precision Wand is the answer to perfect skin


Earlier this month, Procter & Gamble announced a beauty tech product that might just change things forever. Their new product Opté Precision Wand is an applicator that specifically targets blemishes and discolouration of the skin and only applies its colour correcting serum to those areas. And, honestly, it’s just as sci-fi as it sounds.

By using a blue LED light to scan the skin, the device is able to…

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James Blake: learning to share

James Blake

James Blake is getting more vitamin D these days. When Dazed catches him on the phone, as he rides an Uber to the studio of an unnamed artist for a session, he explains what life is like since he made the move from rainy south London to LA. “Well,” he quips, “I get out of an S-Class and get into another S-Class and go to big Hollywood parties and eat a lot of kale and I don’t have any problems!” In seriousness, though, he adds, “it’s been…

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[INTERVIEW] Julian Lynch

ウィスコンシン州マディソンのミュージシャン、Julian Lynchを紹介する時に必ず枕詞になるのが、“人類学と音楽民族学の博士候補生”という肩書きだ。それだけに、彼の作品を飾るエキゾチックなアートワークや、ハルモニウム、タブラといった楽器の音色から、どこか学究的なイメージを受けていた人も多いかもしれない。

しかしながら、盟友Martin CourtneyのバンドReal Estateへの参加を経て届けられた6年ぶりの新作『Rat's Spit』で、彼はRobert FrippやSteve Vai、Henry Kaiser、Adrian Brewといったイノヴェイティヴなギタリストたちに触発されたという、本当の意味でモダンなポップ・ミュージックを作り上げている。


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