Artist Spotlight: Paul White

New drawings from artist Paul White (previously featured here).















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“Scenes from the Last Day on Planet Earth” by Photographer Chris Maggio

‘Fashion is bathing in its dirty bathwater’: Recho Omondi says it as it is

Recho Omondi

Every second Wednesday, Recho Omondi introduces her podcast, The Cutting Room Floor, as “fashion’s only fashion show”, which, strictly speaking, is not true. There are plenty of fashion podcasts out there. None of them, however, are doing it quite like Omondi. 

Since its inception in 2018, the New York-based designer has sat down (and grilled) some of fashion’s most prolific figures – from read more raquo;

Cory Hanson: Pale Horse Rider

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Bill MacKay / Nathan Bowles: Keys

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Sharon Van Etten: epic Ten

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OMAAR: Drum Temple

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12 Most Bitchin’ Mustache Styles to Wear With Honor

A man’s face that has been shaven clean is an affront to God. It’s understandable that some men cannot grow beards, the same way some men are born without a vestigial tail to help them move and leap, caper, and dance in the moonlight. What cannot be allowed is the guy who insists on putting […]

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