Two men have been arrested for Harry Uzoka’s murder

harry uzoka model british fashion menswear

Following last week’s news that model Harry Uzoka had been murdered, it has today been announced that two men have been arrested in connection with the incident. On Thursday, Uzoka was pronounced dead at the scene in Shepherd’s Bush after suffering from stab wounds in what was described as a robbery gone wrong. 

After arrests on January 14 and 15, it has now been confirmed that…

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Papier Machine: A Book of Six Interactive Electronic Paper Toys

We’ve seen a wide gamut of paper project books lately, from shadows and cameras to planetariums and architectural models. Joining the DIY library today is Papier Machine, a collection of six interactive electronic paper toys all gathered together within the pages of a book developed by a trio of French designers. The various experiments are silkscreen printed on perforated paper and activated by button cell batteries, conductive silver ink, metal marbles, and other electronic components.

The six included gadgets include a piano “tuned” by hand-drawn graphite zones, a gyroscope, a marble track that plays sounds, a wind sensor, a centrifugal force track, and a tilt switch. Earlier versions of Papier Machine won Audi Talent and Red Dot Design awards, leading way to extra research and development in this final book which just launched on Kickstarter. (via It’s Nice That)

Samuel Ross on how to break into fashion without going to fashion school

a-cold-wall* aw18 samuel ross london lfwm

“Fashion design just didn’t seem like a viable option when I was growing up,” says A-COLD-WALL*’s Samuel Ross, not long after his AW18 show last week at LFWM – which brought together luxurious, technical reimaginings of the clothes you’d find worn on construction sites with a set inspired by artist Anthony Caro. “I didn’t know I could make a career out of it at all.” 

He managed it, though. In a few short years, Ross has grown his…

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a-cold-wall* aw18 samuel ross london lfwm  a-cold-wall* aw18 samuel ross london lfwm  a-cold-wall* aw18 samuel ross london lfwm  a-cold-wall* aw18 samuel ross london lfwm  a-cold-wall* aw18 samuel ross london lfwm  a-cold-wall* aw18 samuel ross london lfwm  
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No one wins when Margaret Atwood gets cancelled by #MeToo

margaret atwood

Nothing echoes the oppressive dystopia of The Handmaid’s Tale more than the author Margaret Atwood gets cancelled by the #MeToo movement for having a slightly different opinion.

Joining in the conversations surrounding sexual harassment, Atwood penned an article for the Globe and Mail named: “Am I a bad feminist?”. In it, the 78-year-old novelist said recent controversies were…

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The controversial art works that sent the world into a spin


The art world means serious business. Paintings and sculptures sell for hundreds of millions of pounds at the drop of a gavel, works are stolen and sold on the black market, and the authenticity of others have divided elitist circles worldwide. Naturally, all this lays the groundwork for some good old fashioned trolling. From surrealists to web-savvy pranksters, art history is plagued with examples of tricks and jokes that at best, have provoked laughter, or worse, stirred international…

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How YouTube’s trending algorithm is making the internet darker

Youtube Artwork MW

If we are to learn anything from YouTube’s recent Logan Paul controversy, it’s that it was inevitable. Content creators know that shock and disgust is what gets them trending, and when views are high, so are the earnings.

After the influencer uploaded a vlog that showed a dead body in Japan’s Aokigahara (aka “suicide forest”), the company — after several days of inaction — have now cut business ties with Paul. This means he is no longer one of their promoted creators. However, while…

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Alcoholism, addiction and homelessness: my life as the drummer for Hole

Patty Schemel

A lot of people wish they could’ve been a fly on the wall during the 90s grunge scene. Patty Schemel lived it. As the drummer for Hole, Schemel spent years on the road with Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain, and documented both their musical and their personal experiences together.

“I got a video camera for Christmas, and I just took it on the road with me,” Schemel explains. “I would just film stuff,…

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スティーヴ・マッカリー(Steve McCurry)は、アフガニスタンで40年近く写真を撮り続けている。活動初期、ソ連の侵攻に抵抗するムジャヒディンの姿を捉えた彼は、ソ連が撤退し、ニュースが関心を失っても、アフガニスタン残留を選んだ数少ないカメラマンのひとりだ。マッカリーは、この国がある程度の復興を遂げ、平和を取り戻すまでの過程、それに続くタリバンの台頭、有志連合の介入による影響を記録し続けた。









写真集のあとがきで、歴史学者、ウィリアム・ダリンプル(William Dalrymple)も触れている、〈人の多様性〉が表現されていますね。アフガニスタンでは、数え切れないほどの民族が暮らしていますが、先ほどおっしゃったように、近年の報道ではひと括りにされがちです。この写真集で、彼らの個性、多様性、彼らが織りなす複雑さを伝える、という意図もあったのでしょうか。