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“Borderless” by Photographer Yishu Wang

New work from Zhejiang/Shanghai-based photographer Yishu Wang. Based on observations from Wang’s own life as well as some of his travels, the series attempts to demonstrate that the world is far less defined and much more flexible than we might think. See more images from “Borderless” below.


Yishu Wang

Artist Spotlight: Phuong Nguyen aka Jacquell

Captivating watercolours by Saigon-born, Bologna-based artist Phuong Nguyen (aka Jacquell). Aiming to capture moments of fleeting and undisclosed feelings, Nguyen’s paintings often involve figures of women suspended against a dark background alongside various natural elements emblematic of femininity in art and literature. While simultaneously jarring and whimsical, her work is ultimately about balance and harmony. See more of Nguyen’s paintings below.

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Phuong Nguyen

Artist Spotlight: Guim Tió

A selection of work by Barcelona-based artist Guim Tió. Describing Tió’s work as a “breath of fresh air” — one that forces us to take a break from our lives and luxuriate in “the pause” — art critic Gisela Chillida sees Tio’s latest paintings as an exercise in imagination rather than recollection:

“If his last portraits were an exercise about memory, the new landscapes seem to think about the tomorrow that will soon be today. Previously he used to ask himself, where do we come from? Now, he wants to know, where are we going? That’s why the characters no longer remember or forget but, contemplate and imagine.”

See more images below.


Guim Tió

Illustrator Spotlight: Fran Caballero

Describing his own work as “a terrible, macabre kind of physical comedy,” Glasgow-based illustrator Fran Caballero explores a particularly deceptive simplicity, utilizing irresistible shapes and colours to play on our expectations. As he states: “I feel like a lot of my personal work begins with refining or focusing on something a bit rubbish, and spoon feeding it to everyone.” Check out more of Caballero’s delightful work below.


Fran Caballero

“Driftless in Wisconsin” by Photographer Paul Yurkovich

A series concerning the Driftless Area of Wisconsin by photographer Paul Yurkovich. While intent on documenting the land itself, Yurkovich takes the word “driftless” literally (to be unmoving/unchanging) as he seeks to capture a sense of permanence and commonplace. As he explains:

“After moving to Madison, Wisconsin, I became caught up by the landscape that lies west of town. Upon learning this landscape held the poetic name of The Driftless Area (an area of land that escaped glaciation in the last glacial period), I became engrossed. This discovery coincided with myself, after much time moving around, finally becoming content with where I lived. In a sense, becoming driftless.”

See more images from “Driftless in Wisconsin” below.


Paul Yurkovich

Artist Spotlight: James Chia Han Lee

New work from Toronto-based artist James Chia Han Lee (previously featured here). See more images below.


James Chia Han Lee

Photographer Spotlight: Simone Roscher

A selection of work by Vienna-based photographer Simone Roscher. Consisting mainly of self-portraits, Roscher uses photography to process personal feelings and get to know more about herself. While deeply personal in nature, her hope is that viewers are still able to find something they can relate to. See more images below.

Each week our members share their work on our Submissions platform and we highlight the best of these submissions as Editors’ Picks. You can learn more about becoming a member.


Simone Roscher

Artist Spotlight: Eric Louie

New paintings by Boston-born, Vancouver-based artist Eric Louie (previously featured here). See more images below or on display at Herringer Kiss Gallery in Calgary from May 17 – June 16.


Eric Louie
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