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Artist Spotlight: Brandy Kraft

A beautiful floral series by New York/Stockholm-based artist Brandy Kraft. Carefully constructed petal by petal, Kraft’s photo-realistic oil paintings bring together new and dying elements from a variety of flora to create invented hybrids. While touching on cycles of growth and decay, Kraft’s unique flowers can also be seen celebration of a human level. As Kraft notes:

“On a personal level, it’s about finding the beauty in life’s inevitable transitions and on a broader level it touches on themes of identity, diversity, and acceptance.”

See more of Kraft’s lovely work below!


Brandy Kraft

Artist Spotlight: Pablo Harymbat

A selection of recent paintings and murals by artist Pablo Harymbat from Buenos Aires Argentina. See more images below.


Pablo Harymbat

Artist Spotlight: Tran Nguyen

A selection of recent work by Vietnam-born, Georgia-based artist and illustrator Tran Nguyen (previously featured here). See more images below.


Tran Nguyen

Artist Spotlight: Jonny Niesche

Recent work by Sydney-based artist Jonny Niesche, including his newest screen series, “En dehors (scarlet to choral),” made of Voile, acrylic mirror and polished brass piano hinges. See more images below.



Jonny Niesche

Editor Pick: Julia Petrova

A series of mysterious drawings by Moscow-based illustrator Julia Petrova (previously featured here). Set in strange and slightly gloomy surroundings, Julia’s drawings capture moments just before or after something has happened.

Submitted by Julia Petrova and selected as an Editor Pick. Consider participating here if you have work of your own to share. See more from “Suspicious Object” below.


Julia Petrova

“An Alphabet” by Artist Donal Murphy

Acrylic painting on photographs by artist Donal Murphy. Expanding on the idea of reading the weather, Murphy entertains the thought of what it would be like if our environment not only possessed a collective consciousness but was able to communicate with us by mobilizing matter into its own kind of alphabet. See more from Murphy’s imaginative series below.

Discovered via our Submissions section and selected as an Editor Pick. Click here if you have a project of your own you’d like to share.


Donal Murphy

Artist Spotlight: Jason Parker

A new series from Melbourne-based artist Jason Parker (previously featured here). In “Overwhelmed By It All” Parker expresses the pressures of modern existence through subtly surreal portraits involving weeds, vines and isolation. See more images below or on display at Juddy Roller in Melbourne starting March 23.


Jason Parker

“Of Cuba And The World To Come” by Photographer Sam Parkes

Photographer Sam Parkes traveled throughout Cuba documenting the country’s youth and trying to ascertain their visions of and attitude toward the future. As he shared with us:

“The nature of a photograph is limitation. I wanted the images to push those limits, to fill the space both physically and viscerally, to capture in the composition of an image an intensity, a longing, a desire for new possibilities, a forging of a world to come.”

This project was submitted by Sam Parkes and selected as an Editor Pick. Click here if you have a project you’d like to share!


Sam Parkes