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Netflix & Deal

The incarcerated Watts rapper’s latest is a loosely movie-themed collaboration with producer-of-the-moment Kenny Beats.

Various Artists: Queen & Slim: The Soundtrack

Vince Staples, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Megan Thee Stallion, and more come together for the soundtrack to the modern-day Bonnie-and-Clyde parable, set against a backdrop of police brutality.

Davido: A Good Time

On his second album, the Nigerian pop artist provides not just an integrated sound all his own but a clear vision for its future. It is a buoyant, unsinkable record, one of the genre’s finest ever.

Jacquees: King of R&B

The self-appointed (and much-derided) new King of R&B attempts to live up to his own hype with a slick and ambitious new LP.

Gang Starr: One of the Best Yet

It’s thrilling to hear them again, but once the glow wears off, there’s a hollowness to this posthumous project, cobbled together from unreleased Guru vocal takes.

Earl Sweatshirt: Feet of Clay

A woozy, raw, magical, and extremely short album from hip-hop’s most tantalizingly inscrutable rapper.

Homeboy Sandman: Dusty

The Queens rapper’s ninth album is full of the dizzyingly technical wordplay he’s made his trademark.

MAVI: Let the Sun Talk

The latest tape from the 20-year-old rapper is dense and mystic. MAVI delivers revelations from the shadows, concealed and mysterious, in search of fresh air and sunlight.