Posts By Andy Smith

Santissimi’s Sculptures Look at Body as ‘Instrument of Understanding’

The duo Santissimi, comprised of artists Sara Renzetti and Antonello Serra, use the body to both examine humanity and use its elements for new creations. While the contortions and dissections would supposedly bring expressions of agony, the tranquility of the subjects implies a greater purpose in these explorations.

Brett Crawford’s Painted Narratives Come to 111 Minna Gallery

Artist Brett Crawford looks at his pieces as collaborations between the work and the viewer, each an inviting narrative. His new show at 111 Minna Gallery, "Caravan," features paintings that blend pop culture, mythology, and otherwise odd moments. The show kicks off on July 6.

Chen-Shun Lin’s Off-Kilter Sculptures

Chen-Shun Lin’s unsettling sculptures carry their own, ongoing narratives. Whether it’s the physics of a piece or the content itself, the off-kilter nature of the works suggest a purposeful tension with each work. And often, the artist’s figurative pieces, though at times troubling, carry an unexpected grace.

Bik Ismo’s Startling ‘Chrome’ Murals

Puerto Rico-born muralist Bik Ismo is known for, among other imagery, crafting chrome figures and objects on walls across the world. Playing with “reflective” surfaces and light, the artist is able to create startling illusions. This sensibility has brought the artist’s hand to recent projects in Taiwan, Belgium, New Zealand, and Dubai.

Justin Lim’s Paintings Are Convergences of Nature, Destruction

Justin Lim’s recent acrylic and enamel paintings convene symbols of both nature’s beauty and manmade destruction. The dominant aspect of each work, whether a mushroom cloud or floral arrangement, is only a point of entry for a work that reveals itself as critiquing multiple concepts at a time.

Jonathan Chapline’s ‘Computer-Appropriated’ Analog Paintings

Jonathan Chapline's paintings emulate early computer graphics, while drawing upon the history of art in his work. The artist uses depth and shadows to add further mystique and drama to his scenes, moving between still-life and figurative narratives.

Stacey Rozich’s Folkloric Watercolor Paintings

Stacey Rozich's new watercolor paintings are part of a body of work titled "Constellation Applebee's," and though it's packed with folkloric and otherworldly sights, there's an even more personal edge to her new work. The paintings are collected in the new show named for the series at Showboat Gallery in Los Angeles. She was last featured on the site here.

Paolo Grassino’s Otherworldly Sculptural Creatures

Paolo Grassino’s strange sculptural creatures teeter between organic and manmade forms. Using both contemporary synthetic materials and elements such as iron and wax, his contemplative inhabit spaces across the world. Further, some of the Italian's figurative works appears as though it's still coming into form, rather than already realized.