Posts By Andy Smith

Attaboy Returns to Compound Gallery With ‘Future Human’

Travel to a time where humans prevail in all their primeval glory in Attaboy's new show at The Compound Gallery. This body of work includes the buzzed-about rock paintings on rocks, adding to the meta-nature of the new show that seems to be extracted from animation. Is this place the fate of the future or is it a temporal glimpse into our primitive past? Either way, you are sure to enjoy a silent moment with the Monocrag—or take a hike on the Triple Cragscape. Come for the humans, stay for the future. The "Future Human" sideshow will be up in the grey gallery beginning October 19, so you better get yourself a souvenir before this painted epoch ends.

Lari Pittman Given Comprehensive Retrospective at Hammer Museum

Lari Pittman's distinct visual language is given a comprehensive treatment in his current retrospective at Hammer Museum in Los Angeles. "Lari Pittman: Declaration of Independence" represents four decades of progression for the mixed-media artist. The exhibition runs through Jan. 5, 2020, at the space.

‘Sorayama Space Park’ Unveiled in Bangkok

With “Sorayama Space Park by AMKK” at Central Embassy in Bangkok, the futuristic creations of Hajime Sorayama fill the space, including a lifesized aluminum Tyrannosaur. The immersive installation focused on the dinosaur-themed work of the celebrated illustrator, who rose to prominence in the 1980s for his “sexy robots” representing the timeless male gaze theory. The project marks the 5th anniversary of Central Embassy.

Ken Flewellyn Returns to Thinkspace With ‘Shine’

With "Shine," painter Ken Flewellyn further explores the golden age of hip-hop and intersecting cultures. The show, currently running at Thinkspace Projects in Culver City, offers a set of new works, including a collaboration with artist Brian Viveros. Flewellyn was recently featured in print with Hi-Fructose Vol. 47.

The Paintings of Glenn Brown

With his distinct thin brushstrokes in acrylics and Indian ink, Glenn Brown’s swirling portraits offer both art-historical reverence and his own distinctive sensibility. Elsewhere, in his work in oils have a particularly unsettling quality, the textured faces of his subjects melting into different hues.

Kehinde Wiley’s ‘Rumors of War’ Unveiled in NYC, Headed to VMFA

Photo: Ka-Man Tse for Times Square Arts Kehinde Wiley recently offered his first public work with the unveiling of "Rumors of War," a bronze sculpture first shown at Times Square in New York City. The piece was commissioned by the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and will eventually be installed there. The work, with its contemporary African-American subject, stands in contrast to the Confederate statues that still populate the state that will serve as its permanent home. Wiley was our cover artist for Hi-Fructose Vol. 36.

The Recent Tattoos of Pony Reinhardt

Rendered just in black inks, Pony Reinhardt’s are riveting tethers to the natural world. The tattoo artist and owner of Portland’s Tenderfoot Studios describes herself as “an astral ruffian, thriving in the wilderness of the lost and found nebulae and dripping carbon monoxide” and her “art is a cosmic cataclysm of the Ghastly Phantastic.” That celestial quality does carry through to the recent works shown below.

The Cinematic Paintings of Gregory Ferrand

Gregory Ferrand’s cinematic paintings, often laced with anachronisms, speak to a broader sense of isolation belonging to an otherwise social species. The artist's academic background in film is evident throughout his works, with a full-frame attention to mood and detail. Among the artist’s other influences: Mexican muralists, comic books, and quite evident below, a mid-19th-century aesthetic.