Posts By Andy Smith

Kelly Denato’s Transformative Acrylic Paintings

Though dipping into the otherworldly, Kelly Denato's acrylic paintings represent the prism of human emotions. At once optimistic and sullen, the figures in her work appear to be constantly in a state of transition. The New York City artist's gallery work is a complement to her illustrative jobs with the likes of Nickelodeon, Timex, and other major clients.

Tony Oursler’s ‘Tear of the Cloud’ Public Projections

Tony Oursler's recent projection project brought ghostly scenes to New York's Riverside Park South. Oursler, a pioneer in video art since the 1980s, worked with the Public Art Fund to executive the massive multimedia affair. Work was projected onto the West 69th Street Transfer Bridge gantry, the Hudson River, and the surrounding area.

James Mortimer’s Stirring Paintings Play With Depth

With a distinct, fluctuating sense of depth, James Mortimer's mixed-media paintings move between the fanciful and the unsettling. Some of his more packed scenes recall the enormous paintings of Bosch, with a penchant for both delight and grimness. The work often is rendered in oils, yet the artist also mixes in acrylics and watercolor.

Agostino Arrivabene’s Recent Experimentations

Painted on wood, the textures of Agostino Arrivabene's surreal works garner new, striking qualities. The above piece is one of the newer works on similar natural canvases from the artist, who was last featured on here. Arrivabene's experimentations also includes work on conglomerate mineral and other woodland findings.

Monsters Invade in John Brosio’s Paintings

John Brosio’s oil paintings introduce towering monsters and pop cultural elements into the everyday, whether it’s a giant crab or a Big Gulp. The artist has a knack for mixing terror and humor, leaning on his talents in realism to add both components to the work. Elsewhere, he takes a childlike approach to rendering these beasts, reaching back to the sketchbooks packed with dinosaurs and fictional creatures as a child.

Aldo Sergio’s Oil Paintings Offer Tension, Elegance

Oil painter Aldo Sergio uses traditional tools to create “glitches” on classical still-life and portrait works. Sergio’s work follows other artists utilizing mix of contemporary distortion and centuries-old influences, yet his work stands apart in his convincing rendering of both aspects and his specific concepts arising out of this approach.

Will Sweeney’s Retro Sci-Fi Worlds

Bizarre, vibrant creatures and vehicles inhabit the worlds of Will Sweeney. The artist’s recent work calls upon the style of comics great Jack Kirby and retro science-fiction. The illustrator has crafted gallery work, comics, clothing, videos, illustrations for musicians, and more.

Nicola Alessandrini’s Unsettling Graphite Drawings

Using just a pencil and paper, Nicola Alessandrini crafts striking, surreal imagery that explore the subconscious. The Italy-born artist creates scenes in which intimate figures are unraveled, producing strange growths and stripped of their normal defenses. Gender and sexuality also often play a role in Alessandrini’s works, as well as totems from childhood.