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Paul Reid Revives Greek Mythology in Paintings

The figurative works of Paul Reid revive the world of ancient Greek mythology, yet render new scenes through the artist's contemporary vantage point. Though Reid's education and understanding of form owes much to the masters of yesterday, his own cinematic style comes through in each of these scenes, feeling at once elegant and casual.

James Roper’s Recent, Baroque-Flavored Paintings

James Roper’s paintings take the fabrics and textures of the Baroque and create new, abstract explorations. Even when he pits these forms against scenic backdrops, these objects create something otherworldly at the focus of the work. Roper was featured in the Hi-Fructose Collected 4 box set, and he was last featured on here.

Eron’s Murals Offer History, Atypical ‘Texture’

Muralist Eron crafts enormous works that bring both atypical textures and historical context to the structures. One recent piece by the artist (below) “is dedicated to the history of the village and to the destructive fire that was deliberately set in retaliation for italian partisan activities on 3 July, 1944,” the artist shared on Instagram. “The fire destroyed most of the houses.”

Katja Novitskova’s Immersive ‘Invasion Curves’ Installation

In Katja Novitskova's recent, massive installation, "Invasion Curves," the artist offers an environment with creatures taken straight out of nature and the laboratory. The recent exhibition at Whitechapel Gallery offered a fictional landscape facing a "biotic crisis" (or a period of mass extinction), "where imaging and technology are used in a process of mapping the exploitation of life," the gallery says.

Jen Mann’s Oil Portraits Packed With Contemporary Symbols

Jen Mann’s stirring oil portraits blend realism and abstraction, isolating aspects of the face for photo-negative representations and graphic notes. Mann uses contemporary iconography in her works, using emojis and film subtitles as inspiration. Her toying with a single subject over many portraits represent the prism of personality.

Tony Pro’s Pop Culture Portraits

Tony Pro’s figurative work ranges from classical to reflections on pop culture, with the latter offering a look into the painter’s sharp humor. Series like "Sarcasm" take contemporary figures and recontextualizes them both with elegance and in parody. A bio cites his schooling at California State University, Northridge and studying under Glen Orbik has pivotal in the formation of his practice.

The Monstrous Drawings of Richard A. Kirk

Richard A. Kirk's drawings emerge out of nature, using its elements to craft strange creatures and scenes. He’s brought this sensibility in illustrations for the likes of Clive Barker, Caitlin R. Kiernan, Christopher Golden, and others. However, in his personal work, we find these monsters and ideas roaming free from specific narrative.

Pat Perry to Premiere ‘National Lilypond Songs’ Paintings

After three years, Pat Perry has finished a series that represents another major shift for the painter. With the upcoming exhibition “National Lilypond Songs" at Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts in Michigan, he shows this new body of work that offers both reflective and piercing moments against quiet landscapes. Perry was featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 35, in a feature that talks about the artist's journalist-like approach to his work.