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The Textile Masks of Threadstories

Threadstories is an artist based in Ireland who crafts both engrossing and humorous textile masks. The wearable works take on new characteristics in motion, which she displays on the Threadstories Instagram account.

The Absorbing Graphite Drawings of Christopher Charles Curtis

The graphite drawings of Christopher Charles Curtis resemble collages in how they pull in imagery from disparate and vintage sources, yet all elements are crafted by the artist’s hand. The Oklahoma-born artist has recalled tales from fantasy in his work, as well as the real-life influence of the Dust Bowl of the 1930s. Each work carries its own mystery, further underscored by the lack of color in most of these works.

David Lebow’s Recent Pulp Paintings Offered in New Show

Dave Lebow’s pulp-inspired paintings return in a new show at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles. Running through Jan. 27, "Pulp Power Passion" collects female characters getting their revenge, fantastical creatures, and other retro narratives. Lebow was last featured on here.

Attaboy’s ‘The Cradle of Life’ Headed to LA Art Show

Attaboy's "Cradle of Life" installation, which premiered at the “Art of the Mushroom” group show at Compound Gallery last year, is now headed to the the LA Art Show on Jan. 23-27. It will be part of the Littletopia section of the event. The Hi-Fructose co-founder designed the work as rideable, and as you can see below, revelers at the Compound Gallery events took him up on the opportunity.

The Narrative Drawings of So PineNut

Tokyo artist So PineNut’s stirring drawings pull from spiritual influences. Often referencing figures and narratives from the Bible, the works carry darker Judeo-Christian themes rendered with both ancient and contemporary characters. The artist's practice includes these graphite works, plus painting, graphic novels, printmaking, pottery, and more.

Masayo Fukuda’s Masterful Kirie Works

Masayo Fukuda is a master of kirie, or Japanese paper-cutting, crafting hyperdetailed creatures from single sheets of paper. The artist has spent the last 25 years producing works in this mode. Often, her works depict a creature from the natural world in riveting and vivid detail.

Aristarkh Chernyshev’s ‘Critical Update’ Techno-Sculptures

Aristarkh Chernyshev uses contemporary technology to rethink the figurative sculpture and explore our relationship to the digital. In a new set of works currently at Ekaterina Cultural Foundation, the artist offers his latest examples of this. In the group exhibition “Breakthrough,” the artist’s work, "Critical Update," “is focused on an 'undownloadable' self-portrait made with the author's own technique for texturing 3D objects,” the group says. The foundation exhibition supports palliative care and new medical technology.

JR’s 700 Trains Permanently Installed in France

French artist JR's elaborate installation consisting of more than 700 electric train wagons is now permanent at Villa La Coste in France. The work, which only momentarily reveals images as the trains circle, calls back to the artist’s own travels across the world, creating massive works and pieces on this scale. The work was first commissioned by Chateau La Coste. JR was last mentioned on here.