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Michelle Avery Konczyk’s Watercolor Paintings Return in ‘Les Fleurs’

Michelle Avery Konczyk's riveting watercolor paintings offer surreal, intimate portraits. With the artist's custom framing for each work, each work functions as a gateway to the artist's explorations. The artist’s new show, "Les Fleurs" at Arch Enemy Arts, offers her most recent work and runs through June 28. The artist was last featured on

Karine Rougier’s Mystical ‘Wild Waves In Our Hands’

Karine Rougier’s mystical "Wild waves in our hands" touches both on our tribal nature and explores femininity. The show is staged at Catinca Tabacaru Gallery in New York City throughout the month. On the show, the gallery says this: “Women are Rougier’s muses; poetry her nourishment: an ode to Ingeborg Bachmann, Rainer Maria Rilke, les Métamorphoses d’Ovide.”

Seungyea Park’s New, Psychological Drawings

Seungyea Park, also known as Spunky Zoe, crafts cerebral, stirring drawings that reflect varying internal tensions. Subjects, sometimes including the artist, do more than push, pull, and prod their faces: Their fingers pass through their skin and subvert its properties, conveying a spectrum of emotions.

Carol Prusa’s New, Celestial Drawings

Carol Prusa crafts worlds and celestial bodies in her new work, using silverpoint, graphite, and other materials on acrylic. A new show at Bluerider Art in Taipei City, aptly titled "Silverpoint Drawing," collects her new work. The show runs through July 7.

John Biggs Crafts Narratives Spanning Cultures

John Biggs, also known as Dugong John, is a U.K.-based illustrator that uses his narrative talents to explore varying cultures and backdrops. His work moves between sci-fi intrigue and mystery and snapshots from the everyday.

Gerhard Human’s Nostalgia-Fueled Explorations

The stirring work of South African artist Gerhard Human combines an off-kilter palette and a comic sensibility. In the current show "All we ever wanted was everything" at Supersonic Art Gallery, the artist shares his latest explorations.

David Ball’s Otherworldly Mixed-Media Scenes

The strange worlds of David Ball are forged with acrylic paint, colored pencil, and collaged materials. The artist’s pieces have been described as “otherworldly dreamscapes, composed through the harvesting of an endless trove of carefully selected images.” With this varied blend of materials, there’s both an organic (and animalistic) and mechanical quality to these creatures.

Hi-Fructose Volume 48 Preview!

James Jean Coming this July, it's the 48th volume of Hi-Fructose! This issue's features include: the ceramic sculptures of Katherine Morling, the noir paintings of Troy Brooks, the paintings of Aylin Zaptçioglu, the geometric utopian world of Tishk Barzanji. Then we discover the rolled newspaper sculptures of animals by Hitotsuyama Studio, and then we get a history of industrial art pioneers Survival Research Laboratories, followed by the awkwardly humourous paintings of Jang Koal, the sculptures of Samuel Salcedo, and the surreal paintings of Bruno Pontiroli and Lola Gil. Plus a special 16-page glossy insert section dedicated to the recent paintings and stain glass work of this volume's cover artist James Jean! Click through to see more previews of our next print volume.