Posts By Brian Howe

Eluvium: Pianoworks

Matthew Cooper's second solo piano record in 15 years glows with a childlike wonder underscored by mature regret.

Wand: Laughing Matter

As they pare away at their sound, Wand move further away from psych-rock and closer to true psychedelia.

Mary Lattimore & Mac MacCaughan: New Rain Duets

On their collaborative record, Superchunk frontman Mac McCaughan and harpist Mary Lattimore lead each other through misty, evocative improvisations.

These New Puritans: Inside the Rose

On their fourth album, the visionary English experimenters conjure a sinister and beguiling new world.

Black Taffy: Elder Mantis

On the sort of record that would have once sparked a minor bidding war between Stones Throw and Ninja Tune, hip-hop, IDM, and ambient music drift into a waking dream.

Hauschka: A Different Forest

With more straightforward performances and compositions, the album has its flat spots, but it hints that Bertelmann might have as much to say as his piano does.

Hammock: Universalis

This long-running Nashville duo captures the essence of their name with a low-slung, low-stakes sway, tracing a line between languid indie rock and experimental atmospheres.

William Basinski & Lawrence English: Selva Oscura

Working remotely in Los Angeles and Brisbane, these two ambient mainstays toe the line for an album that exists in a perpetual state of becoming something else.