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Björk’s new video is the story of life, mating and death – all at once

Bjork - Arisen My Senses video

Björk has revealed the music video for “Arisen My Senses”, the first track of her recent ninth studio album Utopia.

Directed by Jesse Kanda – who previously helmed the Icelandic star’s video for “Mouth Mantra”, and who shot the musician for Dazed’s cover story

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Rose McGowan calls Meryl Streep a hypocrite over Golden Globes protest


The coming awards season will be a difficult time for Hollywood. It’s been a seismic, weird year following a slew of sexual assault allegations, and naturally all eyes will be on how (and whether) this year’s ceremonies acknowledge the horrific revelations of abuse by men like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey.

Last week it was rumoured that actresses including Meryl Streep, Emma Stone and Jessica Chastain…

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SHINee singer and K-Pop star Jonghyun has died


Jonghyun of K-Pop stars SHINee has died aged 27, the BBC report.

South Korean news agency Yonhap are reporting that the singer, born Kim Jong-hyun, was found unconscious in a rented apartment in Seoul after being alerted by his sister, and that he was later pronounced dead at hospital. Police have said that they will investigate the possibility of suicide as a cause of…

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#WokeCharlotte: the meme clapping back at dated Sex and the City moments

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 12.07.14

Look, people are woke now and if you’re not then expect to be cancelled. Those are the really weird rules.

We started this year with worldwide protest, so 12 months in there’s no room for sitting on the fence politically – even in pop culture. While the list of films you can no longer watch grows as Hollywood is exposed as a breeding ground for perverts, there are other movies and…

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Nicola Formichetti is leaving Diesel

nicola formichetti diesel renzo rosso artistic director

While you might think that the end of the year means fashion brands will be winding down, it seems that the fast-paced energy of the industry has no plans on slowing. Just in, is the announcement is that Nicola Formichetti will be stepping down from his position as artistic director at Diesel after four years.

Starting out as a stylist – first working with Lady Gaga – Formichetti took over the…

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Trump administration bans ‘diversity’ & ‘transgender’ from official docs

Donald Trump

At a meeting of senior budget officials at the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), on Thursday 14 December, seven words were reportedly prohibited from being used in official documents ahead of the next presidential budget proposal. The CDC is responsible for responding to infectious disease outbreaks like Ebola and the Zika virus.

While the censorship is worrying in itself (and very ironic coming from the Trump administration, aka the biggest “Freedom of Speech!”…

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Meet London’s 57-year-old fruit seller decked out in all the latest Supreme

Lance Walsh

I remember a houseparty when one of my mates just eyed me up from head to toe, and just said: “You look like Phil Mitchell but dressed like he was a member of Odd Future”. I’m not even old (maybe it’s my lifestyle) but it’s kind of stuck with me ever since. With the meteoric rise of streetwear brands like Supreme, North Face, Stüssy, A…

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Lance Walsh @dinneranddance Lance Walsh @dinneranddance Lance Walsh @dinneranddance Lance Walsh @dinneranddance Lance Walsh @dinneranddance Lance Walsh @dinneranddance 
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Virgil Abloh is getting his first solo exhibition

virgil abloh nike the ten collaboration chuck taylor jordans

Virgil Abloh must be one of the busiest men in fashion. This year alone picked up a prize at the Fashion Awards, as well as headed to Florence to present his SS18 menswear show – that saw him collaborate with read more »

virgil party-1 virgil party-2 virgil party-3 virgil party-4 virgil party-5 virgil party-6 
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