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New Wave, 90s rave, and an homage to Keith Flint at Versace SS20

Versace menswear SS20 new wave rave 90s

It’s Saturday night at the men’s edition of Milan Fashion Week which can only mean one thing: it’s time for Donatella to present her vision for SS20 at Versace (that’s Ver-sah-chay, not Ver-sah-chee, remember?). Didn’t bag a seat on the frow? Don’t panic: we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know.


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Versace SS20 Menswear Donatella Versace Milan Fashion Week  Versace SS20 Menswear Donatella Versace Milan Fashion Week  Versace SS20 Menswear Donatella Versace Milan Fashion Week  Versace SS20 Menswear Donatella Versace Milan Fashion Week  Versace SS20 Menswear Donatella Versace Milan Fashion Week  Versace SS20 Menswear Donatella Versace Milan Fashion Week  
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Your fave reality TV fights are now ASMR

kim kardashian dont be fucking rude gif

In the extremely niche and often weird world of ASMR, you can come across videos that see everything from fake nuns caring for you (a Bubonic plague victim), 13-year-old YouTube sensation Life With MaK – who recently announced she would be…

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Berlin’s Club der Visionaere has been ‘almost completely burned out’

Fire at Berlin’s Club Der Visionaere

Early this morning (June 15) a fire broke out at Berlin’s Club der Visionaere and the city’s fire department reports that the venue is now “almost completely burned out”. Luckily, it doesn’t seem like there were any casualties, though the emergency services also report three injuries.

Of course, the loss will be a blow for Berlin’s clubbing community. The canalside club – with a…

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The Twin Peaks high school is being demolished


There’s certain imagery in David Lynch’s Twin Peaks that will stay with you forever: the cherry pie and cups of good hot black coffee, the mysterious owl cave insignia, the cherry stem Audrey ties with her tongue, and the zigzag decorations on the walls of Twin Peaks High School.

Sadly, though, the latter are going to be no more as of next month. The high school officially closed its doors yesterday (June 14) and…

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There’s a new Sleater-Kinney album on the way, produced by St. Vincent

Sleater-Kinney with St. Vincent in the studio

The post-riot grrrl punk trio Sleater-Kinney have been teasing new music for a while now, posting cryptic lyrics on Twitter and NYC billboards, and then revealing a Miranda July-directed iPhone music video titled “Hurry On Home”.

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Karoline Vitto’s sensual designs spotlight fat rolls as things of beauty

Karoline Vitto Gomes Royal College Art designer body image

Imagine what it would be like to grow up seeing the aspects of our bodies we’re supposed to be ashamed of as things of beauty. Instead of piling on the layers to conceal our back rolls, or contorting ourselves into uncomfortable, restrictive, and wholly un-sexy shapewear to smooth our stomachs and hips, our lumps, bumps, and bulges were celebrated as another of the things that makes us unique: like having green eyes, or curly hair, or a characterful nose. Failing that, for them just to be…

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Italian shoe brand Vic Matiē spotlights upcoming talents with new project

vic matie shoe brand project instagram

Since launching in 30 years ago, Italian shoe brand Vic Matiē has refined its vision to become a label which focuses on the creativity of up and coming talents – including stylist, art director, and Nike collaborator Veronica Panati who has worked with the brand since SS17.

As part of its latest endeavour, the label has launched a new…

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Photographer Liz Johnson Artur: 30 years of capturing black life

Liz Johnson Artur – summer 2019 2

Taken from the summer 2019 issue of Dazed. You can buy a copy of our latest issue here

Photographer Liz Johnson Artur first began taking pictures of black communities after visiting New York for the first time in the mid-80s. Born in Bulgaria to Russian-Ghanaian parents, the photographer grew up a “product of migration”:  “I had never really been around black communities,” she says, “so for me, going…

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Liz Johnson Artur – summer 2019 1 Liz Johnson Artur – summer 2019 4 Liz Johnson Artur – summer 2019 5 Liz Johnson Artur – summer 2019 3 Liz Johnson Artur – summer 2019 2 
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