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No TikTok, my dark circles are not a beauty trend


It’s Christmas Eve 2016 and I’ve just been fired from my barista job in Bristol. The owner sits me on a bench and tells me that, among my many faults (I regularly put the salad in the wrong order, apparently), are the dark circles under my eyes. “It’s not presentable,” he says, adding, “you should put some make-up on, you look exhausted”.

Fast-forward a couple of years and I’m in the cramped kitchen of my east London office. The accountant, a middle-aged woman who we’ll call Jo*,hellip;

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FKA twigs opens up to Louis Theroux about domestic abuse experiences

Louis Theroux and FKA twigs

There’s many, many shit things about lockdown, but, like a phoenix, Louis Theroux has managed to rise from the ashes with his podcast, Grounded with Louis Theroux. Unable to continue with his usual method of interviewing – descending on someone’s home for weeks on end – the documentarian has taken to Zoom to virtually chat to some very high-profilehellip;

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Why do ‘pretty girls’ on TikTok think that everybody hates them?

pretty girls hate me tiktok trend social media

Life must be tough when you’re stunningly beautiful. At least that’s what beautiful people keep saying. Tales of female jealousy are as old as time. When Greek goddess Aphrodite heard of a princess who was more beautiful than her, she flew into a jealous rage and sent her son to poison the princess. In fairy tales, jealous queens and step-mothers punish young women for their beauty. These stories all hinge on female jealousy.

In real life though, do women actually hate attractivehellip;

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Britney Spears’ shocking conservatorship battle is the subject of a new doc

Britney Spears

Britney Spears’ notorious and controversial conservatorship battle is set to be the subject of a new documentary by The New York Times.

Titled Framing Britney Spears, the film will track the singer’s rise to pop stardom, her struggles with mental health and subsequent hospitalisation, and the #FreeBritney movement, which seeks to help Britney regain her independence.

Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, has controlled hishellip;

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These provocative portraits capture Madonna on her ascent to superstardom

Madonna, Kenji Wakasugi (1985)

Every significant artist has at least one defining work that consecrates their legacy. In 1984, the release of Like A Virgin was Madonna’s opportunity to consolidate the success of her debut record and properly establish herself in the charts. Drawing provocative parallels between her own name and the mother of Christ, while invoking the idea of the immaculate conception and flirting with eroticised religious imagery, this album was, for Madonna, just suchhellip;

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Adore Madonna, Kenji Wakasugi (2020)nbsp;Adore Madonna, Kenji Wakasugi (2020)nbsp;Adore Madonna, Kenji Wakasugi (2020)nbsp;Madonna, Kenji Wakasugi (1985)nbsp;Madonna, Kenji Wakasugi (1985)nbsp;Madonna, Kenji Wakasugi (1985)nbsp;
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SZA says she wants Frank Ocean on her ‘Good Days’ remix

SZA, Frank Ocean

Last year, SZA returned with her Ty Dolla $ign-featuring single “Hit Different”, followed by the track “Good Days”, which arrived just in time for Christmas. Now, the musician has floated the idea of linking up with Frank Ocean forhellip;

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Frank Ocean – summer 2019nbsp;Frank Ocean – summer 2019nbsp;Frank Ocean – summer 2019nbsp;Frank Ocean – summer 2019nbsp;Frank Ocean – summer 2019nbsp;The world according to Frank Oceannbsp;
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Drag Race UK’s unhinged Rats: The Rusical sees underdogs rise up

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Rats The Rusical

I’ve reached that time of the pandemic again where I feel like I’m properly losing it, so what better way to garnish my own frazzled mental state than witnessing Rats: The Rusical, the maxi challenge of RuPaul’s Drag Rage UK episode two, and a truly unhinged spectacle with no narrative coherence. Once again, this show is proving to be an oasis in the arid desert of my weekly lockdown calendar. 

My own sex life is so barren that the mere allusion to a past dalliancehellip;

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Pussy Riot on what to do if you’re detained amid mass Russian protests

Pussy Riot activist

On Saturday (January 23), more than 3,000 people were detained by Russian police, amid protests in support of jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny. Tens of thousands are estimated to have attended the demonstrations, defying a heavy police presence in one of the biggest nationwide rallies against the Kremlin in recent years.

Besides subzero temperatures, protesters faced beatings from riot police as they chanted in Moscow’s Pushkin Square and marched to thehellip;

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