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Drag and make-up artist Laurel Charleston’s entire body is their canvas

laurel charleston make-up drag artist new york

The Dazed Beauty Community is our ever-expanding encyclopaedia of creatives and emerging talent from across the world who are redefining the way we think about beauty. From supermodels to digital artists to makeup prodigies transforming themselves in their bedrooms, these are the beauty influencers of tomorrow who embody everything Dazed Beauty is about. Discover them here.

How do you define draghellip;

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Laurel Charlestonnbsp;Laurel Charlestonnbsp;Laurel Charlestonnbsp;Laurel Charlestonnbsp;Laurel Charlestonnbsp;Laurel Charlestonnbsp;
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Live out your camp Christmas dreams with Sink the Pink this festive season

Sink the Pink

With our bleak weather and even bleaker politics, we could all do with a bit of cheer. If you’re in need of a pick-me-up this Christmas then look no further than London-based drag collective Sink the Pink. With their wild costumes, frothy music, and choreographed dance routines, Sink the Pink’s legendary LGBTQ+ nights are an extravaganza of gaiety and freedom of expression, a carnival ofhellip;

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Sink the Pink Escape from Planet Trashnbsp;Sink the Pink Escape from Planet Trashnbsp;Sink the Pink Escape from Planet Trashnbsp;Sink the Pink Escape from Planet Trashnbsp;Sink the Pink Escape from Planet Trashnbsp;Sink the Pink Escape from Planet Trashnbsp;
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The doc about the meth-smoking magician on tour during his ‘dying days’

The Amazing Johnathan Documentary 1

There’s a history of comedians literally dying on stage. When Tommy Cooper collapsed with a heart attack on live TV, the audience assumed the comic was committing to the bit – and thus laughed even harder. On YouTube, Cooper’s most watched videos are just differently titled uploads of the same footage: an old man slumping on the floor to rapturous applause. For millions of morbid viewers, it’s lucky a camera was there to capture it.

Presumably this ran through the mind of the directorhellip;

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King Krule shares a short film featuring four new tracks

King Krule shares a short film featuring four new tracks

King Krule is finally back. Five months after teasing new music, the singer has returned with four tracks and a short film directed by his partner – and mother of his adorable daughter! – Charlotte Patmore.

The 15-minute video, titled “Hey World!”, is the musician’s first release since his 2017 album The OOZ,hellip;

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We’re hiring! Junior Project Manager, Dazed Studio

Screenshot 2019-10-15 at 14.56.26

Job Title: Junior Project Manager

Department: Dazed Studio


Dazed Media is the world’s leading independent fashion and culture media brand.

Twenty-five years ago, Jefferson Hack and Rankin Waddell set up a magazine that would become a movement: Dazed amp; Confused. The title became a lightning rod for cultural provocation – radically reframing international style culture. Today, we arehellip;

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Investigating the dangers of ‘skinny jabs’, the newest weight loss trend

skinnyjab gemma collins weight loss drug injection

Take an injection and watch the weight fall off – that is the idea behind increasingly popular weight loss jabs. For anyone who has struggled with their weight, the appeal is understandable. Recently Gemma Collins stunned fans with news that her recent weight loss could be partially attributed to the use of the injections.

Weight loss injections initially started as a diabetes drug, buthellip;

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All the books to read in a winter that’s as cold and dead as you are

Book Column November and December

Maybe you can’t afford a SAD lamp strong enough and you’re in need of a post-clocks back pick-me-up. Or, you want to channel some anger at the ruling classes with the help of a timely call-to-action (go out and register to vote first though). Or, given that it’s cuffing season, you’re up for diving headfirst into an emotionally decimating romance for the ages. Whatever your wave, our winter booklist has you covered. 

Across this book list installment, we’ve got the caustic writing onhellip;

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I got a haircut at ‘inclusive’ salon WhiP and taught them about afro hair

During the first appointment

For the first time in history, the beauty landscape is starting to be representative of our diverse society. Brands are finally starting to acknowledge that a one-size-fits-all approach is simply archaic and ostracises consumers, or the more commercially astute are realising how the effects of a wider spectrum of clients will increase profitability. The rise of the natural hair movement has led to a plethora of curl-centric products readily available in retailers but the salon experience hashellip;

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