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Tidying guru Marie Kondo sparks irony after launching online wellness store

Marie Kondo

Japanese tidying guru Marie Kondo has sparked something other than joy after announcing a new online wellness and homeware store. 

Kondo made a name for herself encouraging people to declutter their homes and minds with her KonMari method which asks people to rid their homes of things that don’t “spark joy.” This week, to help you reclutter the space you cleared, she launched a new storehellip;

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Never-before-seen footage from Paris is Burning is being released

Paris is Burning by Jennie Livingston

Originally released in 1990, Paris Is Burning is a cult classic synonymous with the drag ball scene, and forever cemented in queer herstory. Now, the Criterion Collection has announced it will be re-releasing the film in February next year, with an hour of never-before-seen footage, audio commentary, and a conversation between the film’s director Jennie Livingston, filmmaker Thomas Allen Harris, and ball community membershellip;

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Mia Wasikowska on cinema’s most shocking moment of the year


There’s an incident 20 minutes into Judy amp; Punch that tells you what kind of human being you really are. The “moment”, which I won’t spoil, is a sort of slapstick Rorschach test: a sick joke that’ll appeal to some and terrify others. At the press screening, I cackled amidst stunned silence; on my second viewing, there were gasps, laughs, and a critic next to me who buried her head in her hands and murmured, “Oh my God, how could they do that?!”

One person familiar withhellip;

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Please don’t let there be an ‘OK Boomer’ TV show

OK Boomer

Fox Media is the latest to jump on the OK Boomer meme. The grossly right-wing media giant has filed a trademark application for the intergenerational insult, and plans to name a TV show after the phrase, which (let’s face it) is the most boomer thing to do, ever.

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HAIM drop third new single with Paul Thomas Anderson-directed video

HAIM new single ‘Hallelujah’

It’s been less than a month since their last release, but HAIM continue to bless us with new music. The sisters have dropped another single, “Hallelujah”, once again accompanied by a Paul Thomas Anderson-directed video.

The track sees the band reflect on how fortunate they are to have the love of family, friends, and each other. Discussing the song in a press release, Danielle Haim said: “We’ve always wanted to write ahellip;

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Learn how to create this experimental flapper look with Isamaya Ffrench

Pro Tutorials Iris

Following on from last week’s airbrushing tutorial, make-up artist Isamaya Ffrench is back with her second instalment of Dazed Beauty’s Pro Tutorials. In this episode, we see Ffrench get creative with a pair of false lashes as she creates an experimental, roaring 20s look. 

“Isamaya's look made me feel like a very regal royal person offhellip;

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Harmony Korine’s poetry features in Supreme’s newest book


This past decade has seen a dramatic change in the world of fashion. Streetwear has become luxury, and no brand demonstrates the shift in trajectory more than Supreme. Established 25 years ago, the label has gone from lo-fi wardrobe essential for skate kids around the world, to being featured on the Louis Vuitton catwalk and in countless high-fashion editorials. 

In addition to its clothing, Supreme has also become known for itshellip;

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Booty beauty: Six of the best products for your butt

bawdy beauty butt ass sheet mask

Has it ever crossed your mind that your butt may require its own skincare regime? While facial acne, dryness, and hyperpigmentation can be a pain in the arse, what about the problems that we literally have on our arse? Buttne is a real thing!

From vaginal steaming to micro-needling, 2019 has seen some unusual trends, and one of our favourites that shouldn’t go neglected is skincare for your butt. While it’s yet another step to squeeze into your routine, your butt deserves just as muchhellip;

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