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Ana Mendieta was the controversial artist who helped pioneer earth art

Ana Mendieta

Have you ever caught a still moment in nature where it's so eerily calm, it feels as if there’s a spiritual presence lingering? In Iowa and Mexico, that presence could very likely be the haunting legacy of Cuban performance artist, Ana Mendieta, who fervently used landscapes in these cities to pioneer the earth art (also known as land art) movement in 1970s-80s America.

Earth art is any piece of work that is created directly in the landscape, sculpting the artwork into the land…

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Ana Mendieta  Ana Mendieta  Ana Mendieta  Ana Mendieta  Ana Mendieta  Ana Mendieta  
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We’re hiring! Lead Developer, Dazed Media


Job Title: Lead Developer

Reporting to: Head of Digital

About Us

Dazed Media is the world’s leading independent fashion and culture media brand.

Twenty-five years ago, Jefferson Hack and Rankin Waddell set up a magazine that would become a movement: Dazed & Confused. The title became a lightning rod for cultural provocation – radically reframing international style culture. Today, we are an agenda-setting…

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A conversation with WINNER, the superstar boy band making K-pop history


WINNER’s Jinu, Yoon, Mino, and Hoony are sat, makeup- free, on the couches in of South Korean pop giant YG Entertainment’s sleek headquarters in the Hapjeong area of Seoul. The walls are black and reflective, and on the wall hangs a large clock. It’s 6.15pm; 15 minutes earlier, WINNER released their new video, “Everyday”, and album, EVERYD4Y. The former will go on to earn WINNER their first ‘all-kill’ two days later, topping…

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Is weed good or bad for your mental health?


There’s always been conflicting stories about the effects of weed – one minute it’s fucking up your sperm and making you paranoid, and the next it’s actually good for you. There’s a plethora of information…

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Is Kanye right – do we place too much emphasis on originality?


Conversations around originality in art and the creative industries are nothing new, but with Kanye West’s return to Twitter this week, they've abounded on the timeline once more. Kanye caused some controversy by tweeting: “too much emphasis is put on originality. Feel free to take ideas and update them at your will all great artist take and update.”

He added:

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Kanye tweets that he has two albums coming out soon


As predicted, Kanye’s return to tweeting has coincided with the announcement his fans have been waiting for. Last night he revealed details about not just one upcoming album, but a second with long-time protege Kid Cudi.

“My album is 7 songs,”…

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An inclusive group exhibition celebrating masturbation is here

Solitary Pleasures

In 1912, at the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society, Sigmund Freud concluded, “We all agree on one thing – that the subject of masturbation is quite inexhaustible.”

Over 100 years later, this quote is being used as a point of departure for Solitary Pleasures, a group exhibition that explores the act of self-pleasure, and a recurring topic in Freudian and post-Freudian psychoanalysis, sexuality, and eroticism. Artists such as Antony Gormley, Beth Stephens, Emma Talbot, and Shannon…

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Solitary Pleasures Solitary Pleasures Solitary Pleasures Solitary Pleasures Solitary Pleasures 
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Open House: In conversation with Neneh Cherry


“Music is such a big part of how to start to own a place. It’s how you fill up the space, the rooms.”

These are the words of Neneh Cherry, our first guest in a new Dazed podcast series created in collaboration with Sonos, and presented by Dazed’s Digital Editor Thomas Gorton. Open House explores the lives of musicians through their home, their memories of places that they used to live in, and the sounds of their houses now.


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