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Etiquette lessons from a dominatrix housewife

Miss Meatface: On Etiquette & Entertaining

Miss Meatface is just another 60s housewife – that is, except, you’re more likely to see her donning BDSM latex while baking a cherry pie. The part dominatrix, part Stepford brainchild of California-based artist Kat Toronto fuses vintage kitsch with overt kink to tackle gender stereotypes and rewrite perceptions of what it means to be subservient and feminine. With her latest project, a classic manners book called read more »

Miss Meatface: On Etiquette & Entertaining Miss Meatface: On Etiquette & Entertaining Miss Meatface: On Etiquette & Entertaining Miss Meatface: On Etiquette & Entertaining Miss Meatface: On Etiquette & Entertaining Miss Meatface: On Etiquette & Entertaining 
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The new, free magazine for smart women who love weed


Existing in the “space between the beautiful and weird”, Broccoli is a new (and free + postage and handling) print magazine for smart women who love cannabis. Launched this month, the magazine – whose editor-in-chief is Anja Charbonneau, former creative director at Danish lifestyle magazine Kinfolk – explores modern stoner culture by looking at cannabis through a lens of art and culture.

The magazine is a response to the…

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Broccol01_CoverSquare Broccoli_ArtisticMedium_ImageBySpacePopular Broccoli_HolyRollers_bySundaeSchool Broccoli_ClaireEvans02 Broccoli_CoritaKent_PhotoCourtesyofCoritaArtCenter Broccoli_CoritaKent2_PhotoCourtesyofCoritaArtCente 
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What to expect from Björk’s new album Utopia


Later this week (November 24), Björk releases her ninth studio album Utopia. Coming off the back of Vulnicura – an album that explored, in devastating and uncompromising terms, the Icelandic musician’s relationship breakdown and subsequent divorce from her ex-husband Matthew Barney – Utopia promises to be a far lighter and more spiritually uplifting record. The album explores the concept of ‘utopia’ and asks where utopia can be found in dark…

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Read Greta Gerwig’s cute letter to Justin Timberlake

Greta Gerwig

Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird is her directorial debut, with Saoirse Ronan playing the sarcastic, angsty and semi-autobiographical Sacramento teen looking to break out of the small town hivemind. It’s heavily set in 2002, and required an appropriate soundtrack that illustrates an era of brooding 00s pop.

Gerwig told Seth Meyers on his recent show that she personally wrote to artists in an attempt to gain the music licensing she needed for the…

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Joyce NG & Benjamin Barron on the new issue of ALL-IN

joyce ng all in fashion magazine

“Why be ALL–OUT when you can be ALL–IN?” So reads the description of ALL-IN’s third issue, which celebrated its release last weekend at London’s newly relocated Claire de Rouen Books. With an unapologetic and off-kilter approach to its content, what’s special about ALL-IN is that it isn’t here to dictate what to wear or who to listen to. In fact, the magazine’s editor-in-chief, read more »

joyce ng all in fashion magazine  joyce ng all in fashion magazine  joyce ng all in fashion magazine  joyce ng all in fashion magazine  joyce ng all in fashion magazine  joyce ng all in fashion magazine  
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Buy the Rihanna issue of Dazed here now


Our four Rihanna covers were revealed on Instagram today, and you can order your favourite one here. Click on the one you like best to have Dazed’s winter 2017 issue dropped on your doorstep, ahead of its global release on Thursday. 

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Did Wes Anderson mock Charlie Rose in The Royal Tenenbaums?

charlie rose

Eight women have come forward with allegations of sexual offences and harassment against TV host Charlie Rose. In a report by the Washington Post, the claims range from groping to unwanted sexual phone calls and Rose getting naked in their presence. He has read more »

Meet the creator of viral hand-swatting hair game Hair Nah

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 16.02.08

If you’re a black woman or man, it’s very likely you’ve been in a situation where an unwanted hand thrust its way into your hair and you didn’t have the quick-thinking or the gall to slap it away. Now you can.

A new, viral computer game called Hair Nah, made by developer Momo Pixel, allows you to fulfil all of your hand-slapping needs. Nobody likes it when strangers invade their personal space and it’s exactly for this reason that the game has been so…

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