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The public petition to cancel Brexit nears three million signatures


Brexit is burning my brain. The past two weeks have been absolute mayhem, and given the EU has now agreed to delay Brexit, the chaos is set to continue. That is, unless we just… cancel it.

The petition to revoke Article 50 and remain in the European Union has almost hit three million signatures, with the rate…

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Floral nails for Spring?


Dazed Beauty Contributing Editor Kro Vargas (@krocaine) is a nail juggernaut. A love that began in the nail salons of Queens, where she would spend the day with her grandmother as a kid, grew into a full time career and an Instagram fanbase of over 50K. A psychedelic collage of everything from Sailor Moon to the creation of Adam, Fiji water to fashion monograms - her work is always kitsch and always fabulous. In…

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Take a goth make-up masterclass with Izzi Lewin

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 12.44.45

In our Tutorial series, we hand over the reins to some of the most exciting individuals pushing the envelope when it comes to beauty, to lend us their skills and show us how things are done.

Stylist and Dazed Beauty Community member Izzi Lewin shows us how to do a lowkey goth look inspired by Robert Smith, for a casual trip to the supermarket or pharmacy. Dig out your black lipstick and get…

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These artists look at what motivates and manipulates us in digital culture


“What do you think is a good way to express love?” asks an audience member at author Shaka McGlotten’s performance lecture “Knitting and Knotting Love” with artist Erica Scourti. This year, transmediale and CTM unravelled empathy and the algorithms that run it; leaving us to reflect on what motivates and manipulates us in…

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Tate’s latest durational performances centre sex, techno, and identity

BMW Tate Live Anne Imhof, Tate Modern installation

For the next 10 days, until 31 March, German artist Anne Imhof will take over the Tate Modern’s atmospheric concrete Tanks for the gallery’s 2019 instalment of the BMW Tate Live Exhibition. Titled Sex, Imhof’s installation is the first project by a solo artist to take over the space, combining performance, installation, sound, and paintings across three tanks. The show will…

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BMW Tate Live Anne Imhof, Tate Modern installation BMW Tate Live Anne Imhof, Tate Modern installation Portrait of Anne Imhof Image Five BMW Tate Live Anne Imhof, Tate Modern installation BMW Tate Live Anne Imhof, Tate Modern installation 
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The ‘Turkish Macho’ exploring BDSM, Baroque, and Jean-Paul Sartre

Koral Sagular Huis Clois Turkish macho designer

Inspired by 20th century Turkish Tango singers and the theatrics of Lucha Libre wrestling, designer Koral Sagular has spent the last four years fashioning his own fantasy world. The self-professed ‘Turkish macho with Baroque tastes’ creates elegant, sexually charged garments for a community of daring outcasts, clashing old romance with contemporary sexuality in the process –…

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The perfume designer translating your personality DNA into fragrance

the perfumers story

Born in London, but moved to India when she was just two years old, Azzi Glasser grew up surrounded by the rich smells of nature - the beach, the sea air, the echoes of a monsoon. When she returned to England, it was the smell of rain on earth that greeted her. Other smells she recalls from her childhood are those associated with her mother - a lipstick, her old powder compact cases after she had finished with them, and her perfume. “I would watch my mother getting ready for evening events,”…

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Alexis Stone reverses his plastic surgery in a new beauty transformation

Alexis Stone reverses his plastic surgery

Reversing the clock and undoing the effects of surgery is becoming quite a recurring trend for Elliot Joseph Rentz aka Alexis Stone. The make-up artist and drag queen, who became famous for his incredible celebrity transformations, made headlines earlier this year when he revealed that the extreme, Jocelyn Wildenstein-inspired surgery that followers thought he had undergone months prior was actually an elaborate ruse in a read more »