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David Lynch isn’t quitting film for good

david lynch

Millions of diehards who genuflect at the altar of David Lynch wept collective tears when the director seemingly confirmed that Inland Empire (2006) would be his last ever feature film. When asked point blank whether Inland Empire was his cinematic curtain call, he responded, “Yes it is.”

“Things changed a lot,” Lynch previously said. “So many films were not doing…

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The gay concentration camp in Chechnya has been moved


The gay concentration camp in Chechnya – where it was reported over 100 men had been taken in Chechnya’s “gay purge” – has been destroyed and relocated to an unconfirmed location.

According to respected newspaper Novaya Gazeta, when a Russian investigative team arrived at the site detailed by former inmates and in the press, it was found to be abandoned and covered in construction debris. The new camp is reportedly at a Special Police Force training base in Terek, 60km north…

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Announcing Dazed at Bestival with Mykki Blanco & more

Dazed at Bestival 2017

Mykki Blanco, Octo Octa, and Eclair Fifi are set to play Dazed’s party at this year’s Bestival.

This year’s edition of the festival takes place between September 7 and 10 at the Lulworth Estate in Dorset, moving from its previous Isle of Wight location. Dazed will be throwing a party on HMS Bestival, a real life ship docked within the Love-Bot Park area of the Lulworth fields, from midnight on Friday September 8. 

“There’s nothing more…

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Beth Ditto: no gossiping

Beth Ditto

I’m a third of the way through my time with Beth Ditto, and I’ve not yet managed to ask her a single question. I’ve tried – several times – but she’d rather talk about the weather (it’s hailing), New Mexico (she wants to know why on earth I went there on a holiday), basketball (she loves it) or the Grand Canyon (she’s never been, but she’s sure she’ll love it). Perhaps we should talk about the music, I suggest, for about the third time. She’s not on board. “I…

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Will David Bowie turn up in the new Twin Peaks?

David Bowie Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is the town where the weirdest, most sinisterly beautiful and out there things happen, and theories from across the internet are hypothesizing that the late icon David Bowie could be making another cameo.

With the reboot debuting on our screens at the weekend (May 21), there have been multiple references to Bowie’s character, who made an appearance in the film prequel Fire Walk With Me in 1992. Bowie…

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Watch the Stranger Things kids perform on Lip Sync Battle

Finn Wolfhard lip sync battle

This week, we announced that the mighty Finn Wolfhard had come out on top of our Dazed 100 as an actor and musician who is paving the way for the future of youth culture.

As if you needed another reminder as to why the stars of Stranger Things have won our hearts over so much in the year since they broke into our world, the preview clips for tonight’s Lip Sync Battle which features four…

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Alexander McQueen to make its menswear debut in Paris

Alexander McQueen AW17 Ethan James Green

As we begin to gear up for the upcoming men’s SS18 shows in June today comes the news that Alexander McQueen will be rejoining the runway for menswear, in a move to join the Paris schedule.

From its debut men’s collection back in 2005 the fashions have sashayed down runways in Milan, and briefly in London from AW13-AW16 the end of which marked its last dalliance with the runway. More recently the brand has gone in favour of presentations and…

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Alexander McQueen AW17 Ethan James Green Alexander McQueen AW17 Ethan James Green Alexander McQueen AW17 Ethan James Green Alexander McQueen AW17 Ethan James Green Alexander McQueen AW17 Ethan James Green Alexander McQueen AW17 Ethan James Green 
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Industrial Revolution: the second coming of gabber

Gabber Agonistes – Spring/Summer 2017

You can buy a copy of our latest issue here. Taken from the spring/summer issue of Dazed:

“See You In 2017” was the early-90s motto of Marc Acardipane, a Frankfurt DJ whose hardcore techno label PCP released some of the first known examples of read more »

Gabber – spring/summer 2017 Gabber – spring/summer 2017 Gabber – spring/summer 2017 Gabber – spring/summer 2017 Gabber – spring/summer 2017 Gabber – spring/summer 2017 
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