Posts By Margaret Farrell

Yuno: Moodie EP

The multi-talented Floridian musician flaunts his 2000s indie and emo influences on a debut EP of perky pop that chronicles a post-breakup transformation.

Cruel Practice

On her debut EP, South East London singer and DJ Blane Muise combines venomous lyricism with tar-boiling industrial beats to inhabit a fierce, sexual, pathologically impatient, and deeply cathartic alter ego.

Tove Styrke: Sway

Fascinated by the psychology behind human connection, the Swedish pop singer celebrates all varieties of romantic vulnerability on her exuberant third album.

The Shacks: Haze

Three musicians in their early twenties draw on the hedonistic rock'n'roll blueprint of the 1960s and 1970s on their beautiful, dazed debut LP.

Vundabar: Smell Smoke

The Boston indie rock band craft a winning, cathartic record about grief, capitalism, and all the stuff we leave behind.

Booji Boys: Weekend Rocker

Halifax punks kick out the jams with plenty of distortion on their exhilaratingly rowdy second full-length.