Posts By Ian Cohen

David Gray: White Ladder (20th Anniversary Edition)

The UK singer-songwriter’s 1998 album remains a phenomenon that defies explanation: a modest collection of love songs recorded in his bedroom by an Everyman who was suddenly Everywhere.

Higher Power: 27 Miles Underwater

Alongside producer Gil Norton, whose work defined commercial alt-rock, the Leeds hardcore band reanimates the sound of 1995 with eerie accuracy.

String Machine: Death of the Neon

Though the Pennsylvania band favor post-rock swells, tricky song structures, and off-kilter time signatures, their restrained maximalism defies expectations.

Floral Tattoo: You Can Never Have a Long Enough Head Start

They may still be stuck in their apartments, false nostalgia, or dead-end service gigs, but the upstart Seattle emo band’s revelation of a second album goes places.

Friendship: Dreamin’

The third album from the Philadelphia-based quintet, led by Dan Wriggins’ spare and transparent songwriting, creates a warm and disorienting mood.

The Deadbeat Bang of Heartbreak City

The Philly band's rousing punk anthems lose a little luster on an album that feels more motivated by desperation than starry-eyed conviction.

Macseal: Super Enthusiast

The Long Island emo outfit pushes the classic poison-pen sound into brightly colored power-pop territory.

Short Fictions: Fates Worse Than Death

The Pittsburgh band’s throwback emo revivalism casts a hometown identity crisis in the harsh light of climate change. Their debut has the conceptual heft of an album twice its length.