Posts By Andy O'Connor

High on Fire: Electric Messiah

The recent success of Matt Pike’s rebooted Sleep sounds like it’s rubbing off on his long-running High on Fire, whose 8th album leans on the heavier half of their habitual doom-meets-thrash mixture.

Jesus Piece: Only Self

The full-length debut from the Philadelphia metalcore band folds in industrial and ambient textures into a brutal sound that’s still, thankfully, based around big, slamming breakdowns.

Uniform: The Long Walk

The Brooklyn industrial act trades its signature drum machine for Guardian Alien/Liturgy drummer Greg Fox, harnessing his intensity to fuel their most unified—and most deranged—record to date.

Innumerable Forms: Punishment in Flesh

Abetted by a handful of fellow musicians from the hardcore scene, Boston’s Justin DeTore makes thick, impenetrable death metal that’s desolate and filled with tension.

Rebel Wizard: Voluptuous Worship of Rapture and Response

Australia’s Bob Nekrasov fuses black metal’s gravelly aesthetic with heavy riffs and gloriously over-the-top imagery; it’s a celebration of the very contradictions that make metal so thrilling.

Vein: Errorzone

Yesterday’s Active Rock playlist gets ransacked and reconfigured on the debut full-length from a Boston hardcore quintet whose influences range from Converge to Korn.

Charlie Looker: Simple Answers

The Psalm Zero frontman and Zs alum reckons with the rise of fascism—and his internal struggle against its insidious appeal—on a debut solo album of unusually confrontational modern classical music.

YOB: Raw Heart

The long-running Oregon doom metal trio opens its third act with a sensuous, aggressive, and jubilant album inspired by singer-guitarist Mike Scheidt's recent brush with death.