Posts By Shawn Reynaldo

Delroy Edwards: Slap Happy

The Los Angeles producer sticks to his habitual turf, crafting lo-fi drum workouts rooted in vintage house.

Sign Libra: Sea to Sea

Using a fanciful palette of chintzy synths and other new-age-adjacent sounds, the Latvian producer pays tribute to the moon’s seas—and humans’ capacity for wonder.

Katie Gately: Loom

On her second album, the L.A. musician grapples with the death of her mother, placing her playfully experimental approach to sampling and sound design in the service of a more meaningful vision.

Squarepusher: Be Up a Hello

On his first proper album in five years, Tom Jenkinson patches together a passel of vintage hardware to revisit the breakbeat mayhem and drill’n’bass hijinks of his early years.

Phase Fatale: Scanning Backwards

Tapping his background in industrial and EBM, the Berghain resident delivers a steely set of cuts tailored for maximum impact inside the club.

Stenny: Upsurge

Following in the path of his label-mates Skee Mask and the Zenker Brothers, the Italian producer’s debut album continues to provide a loose-limbed counterargument to more rigid strains of techno.

Shed: Oderbruch

The techno artist discovers a softer, warmer side in an album named for his childhood home.

Karenn: Grapefruit Regret

Blawan and Pariah’s hardware-centric techno duo returns with its debut album, trading some of the distortion of early releases for a funkier, slipperier sound that still bangs.