Posts By Philip Sherburne

Skee Mask: ISS005 / ISS006

A pair of new EPs splits the German producer’s work down the middle: ISS005 is reserved strictly for big, bruising club tracks, while ISS006 trades the drums for pure, beatless ambient.

Hiroshi Yoshimura: GREEN

The Japanese ambient pioneer’s well-deserved revival continues with a reissue of this 1986 cult classic, which feels like an inviting frame in which to project your own feelings.

Jockstrap: Wicked City

Georgia Ellery and Taylor Skye’s head-spinning vocal processing and unusual fusion of influences form a well of deep feeling, even when the meaning is obscured.

Methods Body: Methods Body

The drums-and-electronics duo’s debut album is a gnarled hybrid of free improv, minimalist composition, and dance music that advances in fits and starts.

Golden Retriever & Chuck Johnson: Rain Shadow

The bass clarinet and synthesizer duo and the Oakland guitarist collaborate on an immersive quartet of tracks that feel like still-life paintings of the same object from slightly different angles.

Auscultation: III

Producer Joel Shanahan expands his palette, mingling shades of ’90s ambient techno with distant echoes of the Cocteau Twins. Even at the record’s mellowest, muted rhythms knock like a racing heart.

Hodge: Shadows in Blue

Nestling heavy-hitting cuts inside a protective ambient cushion, the Bristol producer’s debut builds on his dancefloor sensibilities while making good on his experimental tendencies.

Bryce Hackford: Safe (Exits)

The New York-based electronic musician tries his hand at collage in an appealingly loose, rangy record that's ideally suited to his magpie tendencies.