Posts By Philip Sherburne

Golden Retriever & Chuck Johnson: Rain Shadow

The bass clarinet and synthesizer duo and the Oakland guitarist collaborate on an immersive quartet of tracks that feel like still-life paintings of the same object from slightly different angles.

Auscultation: III

Producer Joel Shanahan expands his palette, mingling shades of ’90s ambient techno with distant echoes of the Cocteau Twins. Even at the record’s mellowest, muted rhythms knock like a racing heart.

Hodge: Shadows in Blue

Nestling heavy-hitting cuts inside a protective ambient cushion, the Bristol producer’s debut builds on his dancefloor sensibilities while making good on his experimental tendencies.

Bryce Hackford: Safe (Exits)

The New York-based electronic musician tries his hand at collage in an appealingly loose, rangy record that's ideally suited to his magpie tendencies.

DJ Python: Mas Amable

The smooth and hypnotic tracks on the Queens-based producer’s new album share a single tempo and palette—part tropical strut, part moonwalk.

Minor Science: Second Language

Angus Finlayson’s first LP is shot through with concussive kicks, writhing basslines, and finely tooled drum work. But even at their most powerful, these songs are remarkably nimble.

Move D and Benjamin Brunn: Let’s Call It a Day

The pieces on this reissued 2006 album blend techno’s forward motion with the swirl of ambient.

Four Tet: Sixteen Oceans

Kieran Hebden’s latest album of club-ready barnstormers and downbeat daydreams feels like a companion to 2017’s New Energy.