Posts By Jillian Mapes

Tame Impala: The Slow Rush

On his fourth album, Kevin Parker takes a breath and eases into a smoother psychedelic sound. Even without the adrenaline-filled highs, the compositions are as rich and thoughtful as ever.

Pacific Breeze: Japanese City Pop, AOR & Boogie 1976-1986

This compilation of extra smooth, funky, and sometimes very odd songs from the heydey of Japan’s technological boom is a broad yet nuanced introduction to the genre of city pop.

Jenny Lewis: On the Line

The fourth album from the California indie rock icon features some of her strongest songwriting, sung gorgeously and told with piercing detail.

Ariana Grande: Sweetener

After years of searching, Ariana Grande has found her true voice. Sweetener is an exemplary pop album, radiating with low-key joy and newfound love.

Caroline Says: No Fool Like an Old Fool

From its muted-color harmonies to its overly padded beats, much of Caroline Sallee’s witty and beautiful second album sounds like it’s trying to hide in plain sight

Beck: Colors

Beck’s 13th album is his most overtly pop record, one filled with sunshine and sadness, but feels connected to little more than a good idea.

Grizzly Bear: Painted Ruins

The intricate compositions on the band’s fifth album are bound tighter than ever, evoking distant images and emotions that continually shift in and out of focus.

Madonna: Madonna

The driving force of Madonna’s debut remains its palpable physicality, born out of New York dance clubs, a new pop mandate to move your body in ways both public and private.