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A Top Floor Sprinkler Leak Creates a 21-Story Tower of Icicles on a Chicago Fire Escape

All photos © Andrew Hickey.

Late last week, a bitter cold snap that swept across the U.S. brought temporary chaos to Chicago’s south loop when a sprinkler system failed atop a 21-story hotel and storage facility. Water cascaded down a fire escape and quickly froze into a tower of ice. Street art photographer Andrew Hickey stopped by and captured some shots of the amazing sight before it was cleared up a few hours later.

Artist Spotlight: Laura Berger

Recent work by Chicago-based artist Laura Berger (previously featured here). See more images below or on display at Stephanie Chefas Projects in Portland December 1 – 23 and Juxtapoz’s Clubhouse in Miami December 6 – 10.


“Underground Circuit” by Artist Yuge Zhou

A mesmerizing collage by Chicago-based artist Yuge Zhou. Made using hundreds of video clips shot in New York subways, “Underground Circuit” offers a theatrical and labyrinthine presentation of urban space, that places the viewer at the centre of the action. See more below or on display at the Paul Watkins Art Gallery at Winona State University as a part of Yuge Zhou’s solo exhibition In the Shape of a City until November 8. Photo credit: Rory O’Driscoll.


Illustrator Spotlight: Tara Booth

A selection of work by Chicago-based illustrator Tara Booth. More images below.

“City Space” by Photographer Clarissa Bonet

An ongoing series exploring the physical space of the city by Chicago-based photographer Clarissa Bonet (previously featured here). Reconstructing mundane events Bonet’s experienced or witnessed herself, “City Space” offers a personal interpretation of the urban environment as well as its psychological and emotional impact. See more images courtesy of Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago below. All images © Clarissa Bonet.

Colossal x Maja Wronska: Modern City Watercolor Series

Poland-based watercolor artist and architect Maja Wronska has wowed us before with her vibrant depictions of urban landscapes. Whereas most of her previous work highlighted architectural features from centuries past, recently the artist has found new focus and energy in the dense environments of more contemporary cityscapes. Hundreds of windows hover above gridded streets and prism-shaped buildings rise above bridges and freeways, while water and earth offer a subtle topographic frame. Wrońska’s confident, consistent hand and imaginative use of color capture the organic energy that makes cities come alive.

Colossal has partnered with Maja Wrońska to create three archival prints from her Modern City Series: Tokyo, Chicago, and Frankfurt. Working with the experts at ioLabs in Rhode Island, we’ve matched the artist’s original color and paper for a print that looks like it’s fresh off Wrońska’s easel. Each city is available in two sizes; all include a two inch border for convenient framing, and are printed with Moab Entrada Natural Textured 100% rag 300 gsm archival paper. Available only in The Colossal Shop.

Moody Views of a Frigid Chicago Captured by Mike Meyers

Chicago photographer Mike Meyers shot some amazing views of the windy city this winter, capturing unusual ice patterns on Lake Michigan, trains blasting through snow, and skyscrapers swallowed by clouds. Meyers shares more of his cityscape photography on his website and also sells a number of photos as prints. (via ARCHatlas)

Artist Spotlight: Dougan Khim

Paintings by Chicago-based artist Dougan Khim. More images below.