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Abstracted Street Puddles Awash in Neon by Slava Semeniuta

Photographer and artist Slava Semeniuta, who goes by the name Local Preacher, recently noticed the glimmering reflective beauty of the streets of Sochi after an evening rain. As the artist tells Colossal, he had his camera handy and was able to “show the hidden beauty under our feet.” The series of dramatically-colored photographs isolates neon shop window reflections in puddles and potholes and transforms the captured moments into otherworldly landscapes. Semeniuta is based in Sochi, Russia, and shares his work on Behance and Instagram.

“Particle Playlist” by Artist Gala Bent

A recent series by Seattle-based artist Gala Bent (previously featured here). See more images from “Particle Playlist” below.


 Gala Bent

Explosive Light-Based Installations by Adela Andea

Romanian-born artist Adela Andea creates futuristic light installations that range from wall-based works to immersive environments. The pieces appears as lit explosions, with LED lights, magnifying lenses, and flex neon springing outwards in a blend of chaos and control. Despite their composition of electrified material, each work is inspired by a natural phenomena. Andea looks to bioluminescent sea life, melting icebergs, and cosmological events to shape the composition and meaning of her large-scale installations.

Andea is currently represented by Anya Tish Gallery in Houston and Cris Worley Fine Arts in Dallas. You can see more of her neon-based installations on her website. (via The Jealous Curator)

Artist Spotlight: George Stoyanov

A selection of 3D illustrations by artist George Stoyanov from Bulgaria. More images below.


Editor Pick: Martin Veigl

Nice mix of realism and abstraction by artist Martin Veigl, currently based in Vienna, Austria. Discovered via our Submissions section and selected as an Editor Pick. See of Veigl’s work below.


Illustrator Spotlight: Jeong Hwa Min

Lovely abstracts by Berlin-based illustrator Jeong Hwa Min (previously featured here). Created using a unique combination of digital and hand-crafted techniques, see more images below.

Artist Spotlight: Mark Mullin

New work by artist Mark Mullin. Click here for previous post. See more images from “sticks and stones” below or on display at Paul Kuhn Gallery in Calgary September 9 – October 7.

Spaceships: Abstract Photographs of European Architecture Portrayed as Spacecraft by Lars Stieger

Berlin-based photographer Lars Stieger travels around Europe to photograph architectural structures, but instead of capturing a building in its entirety he opts to isolate only the most unusual aspects, recasting each as a figment of science fiction. For his new series titled Spaceships he pushes this concept to the extreme by applying an otherwordly color scheme that places these real-life buildings onto alien worlds or sends them hurtling through space. You can see more from the series on Behance.