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Zany Animated Gifs from the Brain of Igor Bastidas

More animated gif madness from Brooklyn-based Venezuelan artist, animator and director, Igor Bastidas.














Igor Bastidas on Instagram

Igor Bastidas on Behance

Igor Bastidas on Tumblr

Instagram of the Day: @thomasintokyo Turns Sons Drawings into Amazing Illustrations

A series of drawings by Tokyo-based animator Thomas Romain and his sons. Romain documents their fun collaborations on Instagram as @thomasintokyo. For many of them it’s actually kinda hard to choose which we like more! Check out more of their artwork below.


Thomas Romain

“Letters and Numbers” by Artist Igor Bastidas

Brilliant work by Brooklyn-based illustrator and animator Igor Bastidas, made for 36 Days of Type. More gifs and a short video compilation below!


Artist Spotlight: Eno Swinnen

A selection of drawings and animations by artist Eno Swinnen from Ghent, Belgium. See more images below.

Psychedelic Looping Animations by Colin Macfadyen

I’d seen these insane animations pop up once in awhile on Tumblr and only found out recently that they were the work of Colin Macfadyen. I could watch these all day; My brain feels like it’s trying to catch up but never quite gets there. See lots more below!

Artist Spotlight: Lale Westvind


There is only one way to describe comic artist/illustrator/animator Lale Westvind’s work: Pure insanity (and I mean that in the best way). Lots of glorious illustration work, animations for Super Deluxe, and a mind-melting music video below.

Illustrator Spotlight: Tom Guilmard



Drawings, and animations by illustrator Tom Guilmard. Have a peek below.

Artist Spotlight: Jun seo Hahm


Delightfully weird characters created by Seoul, Korea-based artist Jun seo Hahm. More images below.