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Artist Spotlight: RONE

More incredible work exploring the intersection of beauty and decay by artist RONE (previously featured here). See more of RONE’s below.



Portraits of Identical Twins Made into Jigsaw Puzzles

German photographer Alma Haser takes individual portraits of identical twins and transfers them onto 500 and 1000-piece puzzles. She then plays with different combinations of pieces from each to construct trippy assemblages that are often indistinguishable aside from the subtle swapping of pieces. See more from Haser’s mind-melding series below.


Alma Haser

Photographer Spotlight: Javier Castán

A selection of work by Barcelona-based photographer Javier Castán. See more images below.


Artist Spotlight: Mark Powell

New work from London-based artist Mark Powell (previously featured here). Powell draws with a bic biro (medium black) pen and consistently chooses an array of vintage paper, from old maps to magazine covers, on which to display his incredibly detailed portraits. More images below.


Editor Pick: Julia Tatarchenko

Moscow-based photographer Julia Tatarchenko tries to capture the unique personalities of birds in this series of portraits. Discovered via our new Submissions platform and selected as an Editor Pick. Click here to submit work of your own. See more images below.


Lu Cong’s New Portraits Blend Tools, Textures

Lu Cong is known for his striking portraits, whether rendered in oil, watercolor, colored pencil, or all three. His latest work toys with form, blending textures, tools, and styles to create evocative pieces. The artist was last featured on here.

Alejandro Pasquale’s Veiled, Painted Portraits

Alejandro Pasquale’s surreal paintings are mysterious portraits, with the faces of subjects often obscured in flora or masks. These youthful explorations often come in varying moods, from wonder to melancholy and even loneliness. The painter uses oils, acrylics, and graphite to fuel these ideas. The artist was last featured on here.

Nicolas Uribe’s Painted Portraits Contain Intimacy, Abstractions

Nicolas Uribe’s painted portraits contain varying levels of abstraction, injecting both a surreal and engrossing quality into each work. The Colombia-based painter has also delved into kinetic scenes in this style, all carrying the intimacy and unsteadiness of memory.