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[INTERVIEW] Marker Starling + Nicholas Krgovich

昨年揃って新作をリリースした東西カナダのメロウ職人、Marker StarlingNicholas Krgovichのカップリング・ジャパン・ツアーが決定!

今回のツアーには、両者の所属レーベルであるTin Angelのバンド、BatschのベーシストJoseph Carvellが全公演に帯同し、どちらのセットにも演奏で参加するそうです。

そこでモンチコンでは、2人に簡単なアンケートを実施。似たもの同士の彼らの、微妙な好みの違いが浮き彫りに? 早速ご覧ください!

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Influential Voices: An Interview with Eugene Kan of MAEKAN

Canal180: Life Beyond Our Screens

[INTERVIEW] Future Islands

魂を焦がす、熱き咆哮——Samuel T. Herring率いるシンセ・パンク・バンドFuture Islandsは、2014年に米CBSの人気深夜番組『レイト・ショー・ウィズ・デイヴィッド・レターマン』で披露した衝撃のダンスとパフォーマンスで一夜にして全米に知られることになったが、そこに至るまでの道のりは、決して平坦なものではなかった。

そんな彼らが、BlondieのDeborah Harryも参加した最新作『The Far Field』を携えて、待望の初来日を果たす。常に全力で走り続けてきたFuture Islandsのツアー・ファイナルとなる東京公演を前に、メンバー全員がバンドのこれまでを振り返ってくれた。

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Influential Voices: An Interview with Christopher Jobson of Colossal

Influential Voices: An Interview with Christopher Jobson of Colossal

Booooooom T-Shirt Designed by Artist Patrick Kyle

The Monolith: Artist Gwyneth Leech Turns the Destructive Force of a New Building Into a Source of Inspiration

NYC artist Gwyneth Leech is probably best known for her ongoing series of colorful painted cup suspensions, a project that began when she “bribed” herself with a cup of coffee in the morning on the way to her Midtown Manhattan studio, a mental trick to help overcome the nemesis of artist’s block and the drudgery of living in the city. Facing a string of personal losses, Leech was shocked to learn that the pending construction of a high-rise hotel would soon block her 13-story view of the skyline—she would also soon lose one of her primary sources of inspiration.

However, instead of moving to a new studio, Leech decided to incorporate the rising construction site into her artistic practice, painting the structure day by day as it slowly encroached outside her window. Filmmaker Angelo J. Guglielmo, Jr. deftly captures this flurry of creativity against a stark backdrop of grief. Via Ivan Kander for Short of the Week:

Proving the power of art, Leech is able to transform the pedestrian (like the coffee cups she’s famous for doodling on) into the profound. A construction site is magically transformed into a symbolic representation of one’s place in life. And, in turn, the film ends up being greater than sum of it’s parts—a short that while not the most polished visually, really grabs the viewer emotionally, without ever succumbing to saccharinity.

You can follow more of Leech’s artwork on Instagram.