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Editor Pick: Stuart Holland

A selection of enigmatic drawings by artist Stuart Holland from Boise, Idaho. Discovered via our Submissions section and selected as an Editor Pick. See more images below.


Stuart Holland

Artist Spotlight: Liz Nielsen

A photographic series of abstract shapes and transcendent colouring by Brooklyn-based artist Liz Nielsen. Created without the use of a camera, Nielsen builds her own negatives by hand in a pitch-black environment, using a variety of found light sources like bike lights, cell phones and toys. The unique process also means each photograph is one-of-a-kind, as it is impossible to create the same image twice.

For this particular collection of images Nielsen invites us to join her on a veritable cosmic journey. As she describes:

“I am searching for anomalies: objects with superpowers or landscape hotspots with vortexes. I seek out shapes and symbols, looking for mathematical connections that give order to disorder. The images that I create are compositions of these collected shapes, placed strategically in alignment with the cosmos, with the intention of opening channels for quantum vision, creative breakthroughs, or places for collective consciousness to emerge.”

See more images from “Force Fields” below.


Liz Nielsen
Echoing Tree Portal, 2017
Analog Chromogenic Photogram, Unique, on Fujiflex
Size: 30 x 18 in

Illustrator Spotlight: Ruohan Wang

A selection of colourful and chaotic work by Berlin-based illustrator Ruohan Wang. See more images below.


Ruohan Wang

“Social Decay” by Artist Andrei Lacatusu

A fun series of digital illustrations by CGI artist Andrei Lacatusu from Bucharest, Romania. See more images from “Social Decay” below.


Andrei Lacatusu

“The Earth is Flat” by Artist AEC of Interesni Kazki

A series of surreal drawings and paintings exploring the absurdities of modern life and technology by Aleksei Bordusov aka AEC, one half of Ukrainian artist duo Interesni Kazki. See more images from “The Earth is Flat” below or on display at Mirus Gallery January 19 – February 10.


AEC Interesni Kazki

Editor Pick: Su Hyun Kim

South Korean artist Su Hyun Kim challenges our sense of emotional honesty with a series of lively images inspired by patterns of traditional Korean fabric. Playing up the often comical fervor of social and political gatherings, Kim’s paintings encourages us to question our complicity in the scenes with which we both delight and participate.

Discovered via our Submissions section and selected as an Editor Pick. See more images from “To have to hold” below.


Su Hyun Kim

“Particle Playlist” by Artist Gala Bent

A recent series by Seattle-based artist Gala Bent (previously featured here). See more images from “Particle Playlist” below.


 Gala Bent

Artist Spotlight: Robin F. Williams

A selection of recent work by Ohio-born, New York-based artist Robin F. Williams. Click here for previous posts. More images below.


Robin F. Williams