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Kajahl’s Portraits Combine Cultures, Histories

The new oil paintings of New York-based artist Kajahl explore "the history and taxonomy of portraiture." The paintings take notes from differing cultures through time for hybrid reflections on the history of human creativity. The artist's current show at Richard Heller Gallery, titled "Unearthed Entities," presents a new collection of these works.

The Stirring, Multitextured Oil Paintings of Daniel Bilmes

Daniel Bilmes plays with texture in his oil paintings, with small and meticulous strokes crafting absorbing portraits. Often limiting his colors, Bilmes is able to extract a vibrancy out of his intricate linework and abstractions. His portraits seem to be a continuation of oil traditions while mixing in new applications.

The Strange Worlds of Ivana Flores

Spanish artist Ivana Flores crafts pop-surrealist oil paintings with both a childlike sense of whimsy and ominous undertones. At grand sizes, the works carry an absorbing quality that pulls you into her worlds. Her work has been described as “reality, dream, everyday life and imagination merge at a turning point of boundless consciousness of self-image and world.”

Justin Bower’s Fractured Portraits Evolve

Justin Bower’s abstracted, fractured faces maintain a sense of intimacy. In his latest oil on canvas works, Bower’s evolved this approach with new, startling “glitches.” He's current part of the group show "Los Angeles Painting: Formalism to Street Art" at Bruno David Gallery in Missouri, and he was last featured on here.

Alpay Efe’s Vulnerable Figurative Paintings

Alpay Efe’s moody oil paintings offer vulnerable figures, both obscured by abstract elements and their own postures. The artist is self-described as a figurative painter "influenced by contemporary zeitgeist and pop culture."

The Intimate, Obscured Figures of Kent Williams

The oil paintings Kent Williams are often blends of bold figures and vibrant abstractions, moving between exhibiting the strength, frailty, and elegance of the human form. In his newer works, the subjects are increasingly obscured. Yet, they’re intimacy is amplified, as rendered by Williams. The painter was last mentioned on here.

Molly Gruninger’s Deceptive Figurative Oil Paintings

Molly Gruninger’s work may appear to be digitally created, but these pieces are actually oil on canvas. The Los Angeles-based artist uses her multi-disciplinary talents to craft figures that are both ornate and elegantly simple in how they’re framed in each work.

Josie Morway’s Striking Avian Portraits

Josie Morway’s oil paintings are striking representations of the natural world, typically adorned with some combination of wild animals, symbols, text, or abstractions. With her bold subjects and engrossing lighting, she offers reflections on beauty, the universal language of flora and fauna, and messages that are less clear upon first inspection.