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Mazatl’s Eye-Popping Murals Across Mexico

Mexico City artist Mazatl crafts murals that both implement and emulate the artist's talents in woodcut imagery. In frequent collaborations with fellow mural and graphic artists like Kill Joy, the artist’s distinct use of blacks and perspective make for eye-popping efforts across unexpected spots. The above mural, in Cholula, Puebla, is one of the artists’ most recent pieces.

Artist Spotlight: Sustai Ulanbaagen


New woodcuts by artist and printmaker Sustai Ulanbaagen (previously featured here). More images below.

Joe Iurato Builds an Endearing Miniature World with Woodcuts

Look down. Hiding between sidewalk cracks and under train tracks, you just might find one of the people who inhabit Joe Iurato's miniature world. The New York-based artist cuts people from wood and photographs them in active positions within cities and landscapes. The resulting photographs are endearing miniature reflections of the world. By placing his cutouts in familiar settings, Iurato draws attention to the details in our greater environment. Furthermore, by painting the works in black-and-white, the artist creates a sense of nostalgia, especially around his portraits of men walking along train tracks.