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Bold New Mathematical Cake Designs by Dinara Kasko

Tart #4. Streusel, almond sponge cake, cherry confit, yogurt mousse.

Since we last checked in with Dinara Kasko, the Ukrainian pastry chef has continued to innovate at a dizzying pace, further incorporating her use of mathematical algorithms and 3D printing into her baking process. Many of the cake designs begin as a collaboration with mathematicians or sculptors who help develop the patterns she then utilizes to print special molds. The final desserts are interpretations of cakes, tarts, and other fully edible desserts that might look more at home inside an art gallery than on a dinner table.

Kasko now sells a variety of silicone molds on her website so you can try your hand at many of the desserts seen here. You can follow more of her baking experiments on Instagram.

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Collaboration with parametric designer Andrej Pavlov.

Composition: streusel, almond cream, confit strawberry – red currant, mousse with white chocolate.

Composition: crunchy layer, sponge cake with dry apricot, cremeux dulcey-apricot, confit apricot-kumquat, mousse dulcey-apricot.

Composition: light sponge cake with candied grapefruit, mousse-meringue with grapefruit, grapefruit slices in syrup and mousse with white chocolate.

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“Ball, Cube, Triangle.” Inside: mousse with caramelized white chocolate, blueberry confit, blackcurrant confit, chocolate sponge cake with red currant, berry glaze. For decoration: isomalt and chocolate.

“Voronoi cells with berries.”

19 Tricks to Help You Lose Weight Fast

Unless you’re one of the three people on the planet who “just can’t keep weight on” or you have some kind of destructive illness, you probably want to drop a pound or two or eighty-nine. The issue with losing that weight is you also can’t add more exercise to your overloaded daily schedule, don’t want […]

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Meat Your Maker: All 21 Types and Styles of BBQ Explained

In all fairness, it’s easy to get a little confused when it comes to the nuanced world of barbecue. Every single southern state in the U.S., and more than a few of their Yankee counterparts have BBQ variations unique to each region. Add in the insane work being done in the Caribbean, Europe, and by […]

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New Edible ‘Amezaiku’ Animal Lollipop Designs by Shinri Tezuka

Based out of a Tokyo candy shop called Ameshin, candy artisan Shinri Tezuka (previously) crafts some of the most unusual lollipops you’re ever likely to eat from wiggling goldfish to statuesque lions or prickly hedgehogs. The translucent candy seems to have more in common with glassmaking than confectionery design, and perhaps it’s no surprise that the process of working with hot sugar even shares similar tools—a traditional Japanese craft called amezaiku. Tezuka recently shared a variety of new lollipop designs on his Instagram account and you can step inside the Ameshin candy shop in a video from DogaTV below.

New Needle Felted Food and Animal Friends by Hanna Dovhan

The word “cute” is woefully insufficient in describing the squee-inducing impression of these needled felted wool sculptures by Ukraine-based designer Hanna Dovhan (previously here and here). Her latest pairs of hand-made mustachioed donuts, mushrooms, croissants, and veggies are all designed to rest in a tender embrace or to simply hold hands. You can see more by following her on Instagram or in her Etsy shop Woolsculpture.

Freeze! And Enjoy The 5 Best Ice Cream Makers

On the scale of 1 to Amazing, ice cream ranks somewhere around “Stupendous,” putting it just above accidentally coming across your favorite song on the radio at the very beginning, and just below pulling your jeans out of the wash to discover money in your pocket. The one problem that vexes the sweet frozen treat […]

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Carnivore Cooking Class: The 14 Main Types of Steak

Most of us can identify a T-bone or a filet mignon in a pinch, or by reading the package, but when you start getting into the world of flank vs. tri-tip vs. strip, it can get a little dicey, leaving many of us guessing. Furthermore, even if you can spot the difference at a hundred […]

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Abstract Cakes Topped With Chocolate Brushstrokes

Moscow-based bakery Kalabasa takes a more abstract view of cake decorating, mounting its confections with stiff swipes of chocolate that look like painted brushstrokes. The colorful cakes and cupcakes are each decorated with layers of the crisp painterly gestures, and often drizzled with similar colors to tie together the whole production. You can view more of the artistic treats in a variety of shades on the bakery’s Instagram. (via Design You Trust)