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Mazatl’s Eye-Popping Murals Across Mexico

Mexico City artist Mazatl crafts murals that both implement and emulate the artist's talents in woodcut imagery. In frequent collaborations with fellow mural and graphic artists like Kill Joy, the artist’s distinct use of blacks and perspective make for eye-popping efforts across unexpected spots. The above mural, in Cholula, Puebla, is one of the artists’ most recent pieces.

Jaune’s Stencil ‘Street Interventions’

The “street interventions” of Belgium-based stencil artist Jaune put sanitation workers in strange, often humorous situations on walls across the world, using the contours and features of each site for inspiration. For many, the stencil work recalls the public work of practitioners like Banksy and Blew le Rat. His specific usage of sanitation workers, however, comes from personal experience.

Artist Spotlight: Barlo

New work from Hong Kong-based artist Gian Barlo aka Barlo (previously featured here), including a new wall for the Porwli by Nature festival in Port Luis, Mauritius. As he shared with us:

“It was a bit of a mission with the street being very messy and was painted over 4 crazy nights. Despite that I am pretty happy with the result and I think it summarizes the exploration of my last year of painting (and drawing) both in studio and outdoor.”

See more images of the mural as well as a lovely black and gold studio series below!


Gian Barlo



Artist Spotlight: Wayne Horse

Drawings by Amsterdam-based artist Willehad Eilers aka Wayne Horse. Having started drawing at a young age and finding he’d become set in his ways, Eilers started posing different challenges for himself which resulted in a years-long exercise he refers to as ‘breaking the hand’:

“I started to draw with my left hand, to draw to speedmetal, draw nude while listening to classical music, draw blind, draw intoxicated, draw by the eye, draw with punches and draw from thought. I think the period of ‘breaking the hand’ lasted ruffly 7/8 years. Resulting in the hand I draw with these days. A visual language that is spontaneous and free. Expressive, imperfect lines that are drawn immediately, without prior sketching.”

See more of Eilers work below!


Wayne Horse

Giant Butterfly Murals by Mantra

Epic murals of giant butterfly specimens by artist Mantra from Metz, France. Those shadows! See more images below.


Artist Spotlight: Drew Merritt

Ella & Pitr Paint Refugee in Mural on French Dam

French pair Ella & Pitr once again tackle a topical social issue in their latest major mural. At more than 150 feet high, “Le Naufrage de Bienvenu (The Sinking of Welcome)” tells of a refugee seeking passage between the mountains on either side of Piney's dam in the Valley of the Gier in Loire. Ella & Pitr were last featured on when they created the world's largest mural.

Massive Mural “The Sinking of Welcome” by Artists Ella & Pitr

French artists Ella & Pitr draw attention to the ongoing plight of refugees with their latest project. “Le Naufrage de Bienvenu” (or “The Sinking of Welcome”) stands over 47 meters high and covers the Piney’s dam in the Loire Valley. A striking reminder that a refugee’s struggle doesn’t simply end once his or her destination has been reached, the mural depicts a cramped figure holding a picture of the landmark on which he is painted. See more images courtesy of Ella & Pitr below!


Photo credit: Ella & Pitr ©