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“Slaying Idols” by Artist Drew Merritt

Artist Spotlight: Drew Merritt

Drew Merritt’s Brutally Human Canvas, Mural Works

Whether it’s on a canvas or an urban wall, Drew Merritt crafts harrowing portraits that are both intimate and elusive, utilizing nondescript backdrops. As vague as some of Merritt’s narratives may seem, each carries an earnest humanity. The artist was last featured on here, and according to a statement, “has resolved to defy categorization.”

Drew Merritt Modernizes Classical Figures in “Requiem”

Originally hailing from New Mexico and now based in Los Angeles, Drew Merritt got his creative start in the urban Graffiti scene. His work blurs a line between the looseness of his street art and rich detail and sensitivity of classical painting. There is often an unfinished quality about his paintings as drips of paint fall off his subjects, laid against white backdrops tagged by spray paint. Usually, his paintings feature "pretty girls," a description that Merritt hopes to shake.