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“A Whole New World” by Artist Jamiyla Lowe

Toronto-based artist Jamiyla Lowe explores a nightmarish fantasy world inhabited by five different fictionalized civilizations. Love the detail and variety invested into each creature-species and their accompanying environment!

This project was discovered via our Submissions platform and selected as an Editor Pick. Click here if you have work of your own you’d like to share. See more images from Lowe’s elaborate series below.


Jamiyla Lowe

Photographer Spotlight: Leeor Wild

A selection of work by photographer Leeor Wild, taken during a recent trip through some of the states on the West Coast. See more images below.


Leeor Wild

Tattoos by Artist Jessica Chen

Love these tattoos by Toronto artist Jessica Chen (the first three especially). See more images below.

“Endless Quest For Myself(ie)” by Jen Mann

Toronto-based artist Jen Mann has a new book coming out in November! If you’re not already familiar with Jen’s stuff, you can check out some of our previous posts here. And if you are, Endless Quest For Myself(ie) is currently available for pre-order. See more images from the project along with some of her recent work below.

Illustrator Spotlight: Gracia Lam

Lovely work by Hong Kong-born, Toronto-raised illustrator Gracia Lam. Click here for previous post. Images below.

Artist Spotlight: Emmanuel Jarus

Gothenburg Sweden 2016


A selection of murals by Regina-born, Toronto-based artist Emmanuel Jarus. See more images below.

“Long Live the Polar Treasure” by Artist Kisung Koh

New work from Toronto-based artist Kisung Koh (previously featured here). See more images from “Long Live the Polar Treasure” below or on display at Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City until June 24.

Artist Spotlight: Sean Weisgerber

A selection of work from Toronto-based artist Sean Weisgerber’s “Dipped” series. See more images below.