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Ciou’s Vibrant, Mixed-Media Works in New Show

Ciou's vibrant, mixed-media works, with a sensibility labeled as “necro-kawai,” are collected in a new show at KochxBos Gallery in Amsterdam. The works in "The Inner Land Part 1" blend ink and acrylics on paper, with her signature characters in wildly active scenes. The show runs from March 24 through April 14 at the gallery. Ciou last appeared on here.

Eva Redamonti’s Dynamic, Hyperdetailed Scenes

Eva Redamonti’s dynamic, hyperdetailed drawings blend futurism and fantasy, her works often packed with tension and movement. Part of that tension can also be found in her approach, as she uses both India Ink on paper and digital coloring methods. Her work often moves between human and machine—with absorbing transitions.

Periods of Art History Converge in Masha Gusova’s Paintings

The paintings of Moscow-born, Copenhagen-based artist Masha Gusova are not only in dialogue with art history, but also stir conversations within a single work. In creating these surreal convergences between scenes, the artist attempts make us "reassess the old patterns of thought that we are all subject to, and the need for us to allow them to shatter and be restructured throughout time.”

Masaaki Sasamoto’s Gilded, Surreal Worlds

Tokyo-born artist Masaaki Sasamoto creates surreal worlds bathed in gold, mixing mythological iconography and the painter’s own, distinctive figures. The butterfly is one of the most common components in Sasamoto’s work, whether enveloping his subjects or fully embedded into them. Some of these scenes also carry notes of steampunk and futuristic, manga-inspired flourishes.

A Look at Rebecca Rose’s ‘Sculpturings’

Sculptor/jewelry artist Rebecca Rose crafts scenes in ring form, pulling from cultural iconography and allegorical narratives. Her so-called “Sculpturings” are described as “a hybrid of small sculpture and wearable art cast in precious metals using the lost wax casting process.” Her work has been shown in both galleries and jewelry showcases alike.

A Look at the ‘MOMO’ Group Show at GR2

Audrey Kawasaki

In a new group exhibition at Giant Robot 2's GR2 Gallery in Los Angeles, the works of several current pop-surrealist figures are featured. Stella Im Hultberg, Mari Inukai, Audrey Kawasaki, Nicolas Nemiri, Amy Sol, Katsuya Terada, Kent Williams, and Yoskay Yamamoto are part of “MOMO NO Sekku/ 桃の節句.”

‘Robert Williams: Slang Aesthetics’ Comes to LSU Museum of Art

Oil painter and Lowbrow pioneer Robert Williams continues to craft stirring reflections of culture. “Robert Williams: Slang Aesthetics" at LSU Museum of Art collects more than 30 paintings "as well as ephemera and drawings" by the artist. The museum partnered with Thinkspace Gallery on the show, which runs through June 17. Williams was last featured on here.

Hi-Fructose Volume 47 Preview!

Joan Cornellà

It's the 47th volume of Hi-Fructose! The April volume of Hi-Fructose features include: The strange world of Graham Yarrington, the controversial painted comics of Joan Cornellà, the cardboard installations of Dosshaus, the hip-hop infused paintings of Ken Flewellyn, the block prints of Roman Klonek. We take off the mask of Miss Meatface, garden at night with painter Adrian Cox, go into the lair of Wolfbat, rediscover the paintings of Esao Andrews. Plus: a special, 16-page glossy insert section dedicated to the paintings of Erik Jones, and a review of Skinner's pop-up tribute to H.P. Lovecraft. Edited by Annie Owens and Attaboy.