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Christopher Konecki’s Surreal Urban Explorations

Christopher Konecki’s vibrant paintings, sculptures, and murals distort and create surreal artifacts out of urban landscapes. This vibrant, yet somewhat bleak observations recall work from Jeff Gillette and Masakatsu Sashie. (Also, Josh Keyes, who was recently featured here on the blog, carried similar visual themes in his own early work.)

Janaina Mello Landini’s Fractal Rope Installations

Janaina Mello Landini's work may appear as representations of the circulatory system of the human body or roots from the natural world. But in truth, Landini’s work is created from unbraided rope, meticulously twisted and arranged and emblematic of a number of concepts. Zipper Galeria says that she combines her knowledge of "architecture, physics and mathematics" to creature each work.

Telmo Miel’s Riveting, Layered Canvas Works

Telmo Miel is a duo consisting of Dutch artists Telmo Pieper and Miel Krutzmann, and the two are known for their murals, appearing across the world. Though the pair also regularly produces interior and canvas works, also carrying their surreal sense of layering and surrealism. Telmo Miel's work last appear on here.

Wookjae Maeng’s Ceramic Animal Hybrids

Korean ceramics artist Maeng Wookjae creates strange animals and figures that feel both familiar, yet disconcertingly outside the realm of reality. Yet, the artist’s work may be more tethered to our own world than one would imagine. In a statement, he details his thought process in engaging with the viewer, saying one “not only intellectually comprehends the work but also viscerally appreciates it if their preconceptions are challenged or senses other than sight are stimulated.”

Matthew Stone’s Painted Figures Made From Digital, Traditional Means

Matthew Stone creates surreal, figurativeworks that are a combination of digital printing and acrylic on linen. The London-based artist, part of the art collective !WOWOW!, has worked in painting, photography, sculpting, performance art, writing, and other endeavors. “Healing With Wounds,” a newer body of work, is said to be “showing diverse bodies at play and in conflict.” He was last mentioned on here.

C7’s Moody Illustrations Use Acrylics, Ink, and Coffee

C7 is the moniker of Hiroko Shiina, a Japanese artist who creates surreal and bleak illustrations with multiple tools. She’s used acrylics, ink, colored pencil, and even coffee to craft her moody works. Her works appears to be informed by dreams, the natural world, and isolated emotions.

Molly Gruninger’s Deceptive Figurative Oil Paintings

Molly Gruninger’s work may appear to be digitally created, but these pieces are actually oil on canvas. The Los Angeles-based artist uses her multi-disciplinary talents to craft figures that are both ornate and elegantly simple in how they’re framed in each work.

AJ Fosik’s Newest Wooden Animal Sculptures

AJ Fosik, a self-described "sawdust provocateur," crafts wooden sculptures that appear as totem-like beasts, extending from the wall with a spiritual vibrancy. The artist counts taxidermy, rituals from varying cultures, and folk art as influences in these pieces. The nature of how the pieces stand or are mounted to walls, in particular, references taxidermic practices. His work adorned the cover of Hi-Fructose Vol. 18.