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Artist Spotlight: Liz Nielsen

A photographic series of abstract shapes and transcendent colouring by Brooklyn-based artist Liz Nielsen. Created without the use of a camera, Nielsen builds her own negatives by hand in a pitch-black environment, using a variety of found light sources like bike lights, cell phones and toys. The unique process also means each photograph is one-of-a-kind, as it is impossible to create the same image twice.

For this particular collection of images Nielsen invites us to join her on a veritable cosmic journey. As she describes:

“I am searching for anomalies: objects with superpowers or landscape hotspots with vortexes. I seek out shapes and symbols, looking for mathematical connections that give order to disorder. The images that I create are compositions of these collected shapes, placed strategically in alignment with the cosmos, with the intention of opening channels for quantum vision, creative breakthroughs, or places for collective consciousness to emerge.”

See more images from “Force Fields” below.


Liz Nielsen
Echoing Tree Portal, 2017
Analog Chromogenic Photogram, Unique, on Fujiflex
Size: 30 x 18 in

“Chroma” by Photographer Marco Andres Argüello

Love this series by Marco Andres Argüello from Athens, Greece. See more vibrant images from “Chroma” below.


Marco Andres Argüello

“The Territories” by Photographer Sarah Pannell

A lovely series by Melbourne-based photographer Sarah Pannell (previously featured here). Shot over three visits to the New Territories (a quieter area of the greater Hong Kong region), Pannell’s images take inspiration from the glossy stock photos of famous landmarks that fill the city’s souvenir calendars. “The Territories,” however, offers an alternative view of Hong Kong than those regularly gifted to her by her aunt throughout her childhood. See more below or check out Pannell’s self published tear-out poster book version of the project here.


Sarah Pannell

“Moemoeā” by Photographer Brendan George Ko

A new body of work from photographer Brendan George Ko. Click here for previous posts. See more images from “Moemoeā” below or on display at The Contact Gallery in Toronto from January 11 – March 10.


Brendan George Ko

“Nothing To Report” by Photographer Laurent Laporte

Some beautiful shots from Paris-based photographer Laurent Laporte’s latest series. Contrary to Laporte’s usual documentarian sensibilities, “Nothing To Report” represents a decided effort not to tell a story but, rather, focus freely on his aesthetic obsessions with light, shape, composition and ideas of loneliness. However, as Laporte reflects, the project became more of an observation in our inability to completely let go:

“Despite setting my goal as “freedom,” once gathered, these images ultimately created a consistency and homogeneity that I didn’t really expect. In a sense, this assembly makes me admit my failure at an attempt to create something completely free. In the end, absolute freedom, in its most fundamental sense, doesn’t really exist. But these images are my attempts to approach it—even if it will always remain just out of reach.”

See more images from “Nothing To Report” below.


Laurent Laporte

Camera Stories: Lane Coder and his Fuji GWXIII 670 and Mamiya RZ 67 Pro II

Fav Photos Found In 2017: 64 Photos By 64 Photographers

Charlie Hawks
Photo by Charlie Hawks

Photographer Spotlight: Alexis Hagestad

Alexis Hagestad is a photographer based in Missoula, Montana. Her series, “Love of This Land”, was inspired by her childhood memories exploring the vastness and wonders of the western landscape.





































Alexis Hagestad’s Website

Alexis Hagestad on Instagram