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Historical Portraits Composed Using a Series of Algorithms and 3D Animation Software

Athens-based art director and designer Dimitris Ladopoulos subdivides some of his favourite works of art using a series of algorithms based on their colour palettes. Using the 3D animation software Houdini, Ladopoulos’s work allows viewers to appreciate the subtlety of each and every shade as well as the design aspects inherent within each piece. See more images from “Portraits” below.


Dimitris Ladopoulos

Artist Spotlight: Camilo Huinca

A selection of illustration and drawings by Santiago, Chile-based artist and designer Camilo Huinca. Love the style and colours! See more images below.


Camilo Huinca

Designer Spotlight: Stefan Hürlemann

“The Furry Thing” by Artist Kam Wei Fong

A delightful selection of cat-themed drawings by artist and designer Kam Wei Fong. See more from “The Furry Thing” below.


Kam Wei Fong

Posters by Designer Aaron Lowell Denton

A selection of poster and album artwork by designer Aaron Lowell Denton. Love the retro vibes! More images below.


Aaron Lowell Denton

Iridescent Lamps by Architect and Designer Taeg Nishimoto

Japanese architect and designer Taeg Nishimoto’s “Blurred” series involves a set of three-sided, sculptural lamps with a changeable layered surface. While appearing porcelain-like during the day, when the lamp is turned on iridescent light emerges from a combination of heat-responsive polyvinyl, heat-resistance polyester sheets and liquid rubber to create a parabolic surface which reacts to air flow from the outside.

The concept is based on “cloud iridescence”, a naturally occurring phenomenon caused by small droplets of water or ice in the clouds that individually scatter, blurring the sunlight. Click here for a more detailed description of how the lamps work and check out more images below.


Taeg Nishimoto

Editor Pick: Mikyung Lee

A collection of work about jazz by Mikyung Lee, an illustrator and designer based in Seoul, South Korea. Discovered via our Submissions platform. Click here if you have a project of your own you’d like to share! See more images below.


Mikyung Lee

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