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Color Flow: i mobili che cambiano colore

Color Flow è una piccola collezione di arredamenti futuristici che cambiano colore in base alla posizione e al movimento di chi osserva, grazie all’uso di una tecnologia olografica che crea superfici con gradiente.


Creata dallo studio coreano Orijeen, la collezione è composta da due piccoli armadi: quello più grande è rifinito con gradienti blu e verdi, mentre quello più piccolo passa dal blu al rosa. Secondo i designer, i cambiamenti di colore creano una relazione più intima fra persone e oggetti.

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Yellow Street Lines Form a Park Bench Around a Tree in this Temporary Green Space by The Edible Bus Stop

As part of the 2012 RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show in London, landscape and design consultancy The Edible Bus Stop conceived of a green space that incorporated gardens, artwork, and the conversion of a street into public space. The temporary exhibition titled Riot of Color was conceived as “a post apocalyptic interpretation of the after effects of the 2011 London riots.” One of the more novel aspects was this fun park bench designed as yellow street lines that rise from pavement to wrap around a tree. You can see more views on their website.

This Resin and Fiberglass Table by Harlow Replicates the Surface of the Moon

Using digital files pulled from NASA’s archives, French design studio Harow designed a table that replicates the real topology of the moon’s surface. The Apollo 11 Table features a sculpted fiberglass slab in the form of a lunar crater. Covering this thick segment is a layer of resin, which allows one to fully view its dips and crevices while providing coverage to the uneven terrain. The brass and aluminum alloy feet also pay homage to the many Apollo missions, parts that put a modern spin on the Lunar Excursion Module‘s original landing pads.

You can view more of Harow’s designs, including these Apollo landing wall works, on their website and Instagram. (via This Isn’t Happiness)

15 of the Best Living Room Decorating Ideas For Any Home

Though you’ll spend a third of your life in your bed, very little of that time is going to be spent enjoying the splendor of the decor. You’ll also spend and inordinate amount of time in your kitchen and bathroom, but since both of these prize function over form, there’s only so much you can […]

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Get Up, Live Longer: The 8 Best Standing Desks

Getting a standing desk is a sure-fire way to make everyone in the office hate you and consider kneecapping you in the parking lot. It’s also a good way to extend your life span, burn extra calories while on the job, and increase blood flow. While sitting was branded “the new smoking” new studies have […]

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Lightning in a Bottle: A Cylindrical Light Hidden Inside a Capsule by DCW Editions

The French lighting and furniture design firm DCW editions just released this novel minimalist lighting concept called the ISP Lamp that contains an LED light mechanism inside a narrow brass capsule inspired by the design of an airplane fuselage. By opening the end and pulling out the cylindrical light, it appears is if you’re pulling out a physical “tube” of light itself, not just a bulb. You can see a few more photos and videos on their website and on Facebook. (via Design Milk)

Loved the ISP #lamp series by #IliaPotemine for @dcw_editions #icff #icff2017 #nycxdesign

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PIMKIE Home Decor: rinnova la casa per l’estate!

L’estate sta finalmente arrivando: perché non dare una rinfrescata alla propria casa? Pimkie propone nuovi articoli per la propria collezione home decor, perfetti per arredare ogni stanza.


Materiali e forme organiche, semplici, connessi con la natura: questi i trend di stagione interpretati da Pimkie, utilizzando tonalità neutre, rilassanti, e materiali come macramé, tricot e crochet. Fra vasi, gli immancabili fenicotteri, cuscini, cesti c’è solo l’imbarazzo della scelta.

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New Wood Tables and Wall Art Embedded with Glass Rivers and Lakes by Greg Klassen

Inspired by his daily experience of life in the Pacific Midwest, artist and designer Greg Klassen (previously) fabricates one-of-a-kind tables featuring blue glass rivers, lakes, and waterfalls. The topographical studies mimic bodies of water seen from an aerial view, but the twisting blue pathways are often defined by the wood pieces he selects. While the majority of Klassen’s work serves as functional art, he’s also begun to create more isolated wood and glass sculptures mounted on walls.

Several of Klassen’s most recent tables are available through his online shop, and you can explore more pieces from the last few years on Instagram and Facebook.