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Illustrator Spotlight: Ruohan Wang

A selection of colourful and chaotic work by Berlin-based illustrator Ruohan Wang. See more images below.


Ruohan Wang

A Vibrant Environmental Video Installation by Artist Robert Seidel

Berlin-based artist Robert Seidel

Editor Pick: Maximilian Virgili

Love this series by Berlin-based photographer Maximilian Virgili. Submitted and selected as an Editor Pick, “Urban Sights” features a collection of random objects and scenes, captured by Virgili without knowing how or why they occurred and similarly re-represented without context. More images below.


Illustrator Spotlight: Stephan Dybus

A selection of recent work by Berlin-based illustrator Stephan Dybus (previously featured here). See more images below.



Illustrator Spotlight: Jeong Hwa Min

Lovely abstracts by Berlin-based illustrator Jeong Hwa Min (previously featured here). Created using a unique combination of digital and hand-crafted techniques, see more images below.

Artist Spotlight: Rachael Jablo

Collages by artist Rachael Jablo, currently living and working in Berlin. Informed by the work of English botanist and photographer Anna Atkins, Jablo tears up photograms of flowers, piecing them back together to create new shapes and patterns. See more images from “Where are you going, where have you been?” below.

Artist Spotlight: Zebu

A selection of work by Berlin-based artist duo Zebu. See more images below.

Artist Spotlight: Lea Heinrich

A selection of work by Lea Heinrich, an illustrator working in Berlin and New York City. See more images below.