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Editor Pick: Jonathan Viner

A series of atmospheric paintings by Brooklyn-based artist Jonathan Viner. Emerging from a medley of visual references live models, props and found photographsViner begins with a synthesis of visual reference materials gathered from live models, props, and found photographs. See more images below.

This project was submitted and selected it as an Editor Pick. Click here if you have work of your own you’d like to share with us!


Jonathan Viner



Jonathan Viner



Jonathan Viner



Jonathan Viner



Jonathan Viner



Jonathan Viner



Jonathan Viner



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Artist Spotlight: Liz Nielsen

A photographic series of abstract shapes and transcendent colouring by Brooklyn-based artist Liz Nielsen. Created without the use of a camera, Nielsen builds her own negatives by hand in a pitch-black environment, using a variety of found light sources like bike lights, cell phones and toys. The unique process also means each photograph is one-of-a-kind, as it is impossible to create the same image twice.

For this particular collection of images Nielsen invites us to join her on a veritable cosmic journey. As she describes:

“I am searching for anomalies: objects with superpowers or landscape hotspots with vortexes. I seek out shapes and symbols, looking for mathematical connections that give order to disorder. The images that I create are compositions of these collected shapes, placed strategically in alignment with the cosmos, with the intention of opening channels for quantum vision, creative breakthroughs, or places for collective consciousness to emerge.”

See more images from “Force Fields” below.


Liz Nielsen
Echoing Tree Portal, 2017
Analog Chromogenic Photogram, Unique, on Fujiflex
Size: 30 x 18 in

Artist Spotlight: Robin F. Williams

A selection of recent work by Ohio-born, New York-based artist Robin F. Williams. Click here for previous posts. More images below.


Robin F. Williams

Artist Spotlight: Icy and Sot

Responding to issues of border control and the refugee crisis, Iranian artist duo Icy and Sot respond to issues of border control and the refugee crisis with a series of fence and border interventions. See more images from the Brooklyn-based brothers below.


Icy and Sot

#TheCreatorClass: “Gathering Growth” with Brian Kelley

Illustrator Spotlight: Adria Mercuri

A selection of recent celebrity portraits by Booklyn-based illustrator Adria Mercuri (previously posted here). More images below.


Adria Mercuri

“The Sea in the Darkness Calls” by Photographer Bryan Thomas

A selection of images from Brooklyn-based photographer Bryan Thomas’ latest zine, “The Sea in the Darkness Calls”. Taken over a two year period, the series focuses on the people and places of his native Florida. See more below.


Bryan Thomas

Illustrator Spotlight: Ping Zhu