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Editor Pick: Hanna Lee Joshi

Illustrator Hanna Lee Joshi offers intimate reflections on her inner life with these lovely visual explorations. Discovered via our Submissions platform and selected as an Editor Pick. Click here if you have work of your own you’d like to share with us! See more images from “Yeuja” below.


Hanna Lee Joshi

Illustrator Spotlight: Ruohan Wang

A selection of colourful and chaotic work by Berlin-based illustrator Ruohan Wang. See more images below.


Ruohan Wang

New in the Booooooom Shop: Gangster Doodles Book

Illustrator Spotlight: Seb Agresti

A selection of work by artist and illustrator Seb Agresti from The Netherlands. See more images below.


Seb Agresti

Artist Spotlight: Sammy Stein

A series of hatches and the various things that fall into and arise from them by Sammy Stein. See more surreal comics below.


Sammy Stein

Zany Animated Gifs from the Brain of Igor Bastidas

More animated gif madness from Brooklyn-based Venezuelan artist, animator and director, Igor Bastidas.














Igor Bastidas on Instagram

Igor Bastidas on Behance

Igor Bastidas on Tumblr

Illustrator Spotlight: Ellie Andrews

A selection of work by London-based illustrator and graphic artist Ellie Andrews. See more below.






















Ellie Andrews’ Website



Illustrator Spotlight: Tim Boelaars