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Illustrator Spotlight: Lianne Nixon



















Illustrator Spotlight: Marion Bordeyne

Editor Pick: Céline Ducrot

Love these large format airbrush paintings by Leipzig-based illustrator and graphic designer Céline Ducrot from Leipzig. Created on the subject of wellness rituals and self-care, see more images from “In Balance” below.

This project was submitted and selected as an Editor Pick. Click here to participate!


Céline Ducrot

Editor Pick: Vladimír Vilimovský

Slick cyber punk-inspired character designs by illustrator Vladimír Vilimovský from Prague, Czech Republic. Discovered via our Submissions platform. Click here if you have work of your own you’d like to share with us! More images below.


Vladimír Vilimovský

Illustrator Spotlight: Pol Solà

“Before the Rain” by Anne Pomel

Lovely work by Anne Pomel, a french illustrator currently based in Portland. See more images from her graphic novel “Before the Rain” below.

Anne Pomel

Editor Pick: Catherine Song aka CSONG

An ongoing series about the solitude that comes from living in an oversaturated world by Catherine Song aka CSONG. This project was submitted by CSONG and selected as an Editor Pick (you can upload your own work here!). See more images from “Nameless” below.


Artist Spotlight: Steve Kim

Recent work from Seoul, South Korea-born Oxford, Mississippi-based artist and illustrator Steve Kim (previously featured here). See more images below.


Steve Kim