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Editor Pick: Su Hyun Kim

South Korean artist Su Hyun Kim challenges our sense of emotional honesty with a series of lively images inspired by patterns of traditional Korean fabric. Playing up the often comical fervor of social and political gatherings, Kim’s paintings encourages us to question our complicity in the scenes with which we both delight and participate.

Discovered via our Submissions section and selected as an Editor Pick. See more images from “To have to hold” below.


Su Hyun Kim

Illustrator Spotlight: Kim Hee Eun

A selection of work by Kim Hee Eun (aka Kimi and 12) from Namhae, South Korea. See more images below.


Kim Hee Eun

Illustrator Spotlight: Daye Kim

A selection of work by illustrator Daye Kim from Seoul, South Korea. See more images below.

Ultraviolet Break of Day: A Midnight Walk Through the Neon-Hued Streets of Asian Cities by Marcus Wendt

While on a recent trip through Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Seoul, London-based photographer Marcus Wendt found himself suffering from a bout of jetlag induced insomnia and ended up wandering the streets of several cities late at night. With a camera in-hand he captured these mesmerising shots that channel the cyberpunk vibe of movies like Bladerunner where narrow urban alleys are bathed in cool ultraviolet light. Over several days Wendt worked his way through the Kowloon area of Hong Kong and then Shenzhen’s Huaqiangbei area known for its sprawling electronics market, before eventually traveling to Seoul. You can see more from the project on his website. (via Colossal Submissions)

Seoul, South Korea

Illustrator Spotlight: PIRU

A selection of work by illustrator PIRU, based in Seoul, South Korea. More images below.

Ensee’s Delicate Digital Paintings

Korean artist Mi-Kyung Choi, who goes by the moniker "Ensee," creates digital paintings that blend pastel hues and the delicate touch usually accomplished with traditional materials. Her illustrations, often depicting obscured faces or longing, youthful subjects, adorn books, publications, and other products.

Artist Spotlight: WanJin GIM

A selection of work by artist WanJin GIM (aka Willeys) from South Korea. More images below.

Artist Spotlight: Oozy

Incredible tattoo work by artist and illustrator Oozy from Seoul, South Korea.  See more images below.