Illustrator Spotlight: Kees Holterman

Illustrator Spotlight: Sebastian Curi

Oh Hyuk is the indie rock frontman giving voice to disaffected Korean youth

Hyukoh in Seoul, 2017

With his soft cadence and unassuming presence, you’d be surprised to hear that Oh Hyuk is the frontman of a band at the epicenter of South Korea’s resurgent indie rock movement. But fame was never Oh’s objective, and success was never going to go to his head. “The music I write is more of a personal thing,” he says. “I talk about my struggles, and they happen to be shared by everyone.”

Before their track “Comes and Goes” tore…

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Céline Dion just dropped a line of gender-neutral children’s clothes

celine dion instagram celinununu

ICYMI, last year Céline Dion went from singer and Canadian national treasure to fashion icon, seemingly overnight. After pulling lewks all year long – with Vetements, Versace, and Valentino among the lucky few labels picked – we dubbed her the rightful fashion icon of 2017

Now, the…

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Pilots say they saw UFOs flying over Ireland


There’s something flying through Irish skies and nobody can work out what it is. A British Airways pilot contacted Irish air traffic control on Friday to report a sighting of an unidentified flying object.

The plane was headed for Heathrow from Montreal when the pilot saw a “very bright light”. According to the BBC she asked whether the military may have been doing exercises in the area because there was something…

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Why Post Malone is the epitome of male beauty

Post Malone

Every generation gets the rock star they deserve. An icon that both contextualises the surrounded cultural landscape and redefines it. Looking back on this bewildering decade, no star will better epitomise our fractured, hyper-sexed identities and fiscal insecurity than the swaggy nihilism of Post Malone. The world is literally on fire and 13-year-old YouTubers are covering entire Ferraris in Louis Vuitton x Supreme wraps. Posty reigns.  

I should come clean. I opened Facebook this…

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Björk announces ‘elaborate’ new live show Cornucopia

Björk Instagram

Björk has taken to Instagram to announce the arrival of her new live show titled, Cornucopia, which will debut alongside the opening of New York’s new arts centre The Shed in spring 2019. 

Yesterday, The Icelandic musician posted an enchanting image from the shoot of her 2017 album Utopia alongside a caption which reads: “this winter i (sic) will prepare my most…

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Lorde accuses Kanye West and Kid Cudi of copying her stage set-up

Lorde’s Coachella performance, in front of a glass box set

Kanye West and Kid Cudi debuted their Kids See Ghosts show at Tyler, the Creator’s Camp Flog Gnaw at the weekend. Lorde has since come out to accuse the rappers of copying her stage design from her Melodrama tour. 

West and Cudi’s new…

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