This virtual simulation explores what spas will be like in the future

George Stone and Suzannah Pettigrew

“I want to spend the weekends inside a VR world because reality exhausts me.” So begins “I Feel So Relaxed” a 3D video created by long term collaborators George Stone and Suzannah Pettigrew. George is a video artist and Suz a multidisciplinary one- she’s also a spa enthusiast which is particularly helpful considering their first project for Dazed Beauty – a “virtual spa simulation” perfect for any of us beleaguered and tired from real-world stresses and strains.

At Suz and George’s…

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See inside Liverpool’s upcoming Keith Haring exhibition

Keith Haring, Tate Liverpool

In Keith Haring’s world, art and activism go hand-in-hand. An iconic figure of New York’s 1980s scene, the painter once said: “Art is nothing if you don’t reach every segment of the people.” His unmistakable drawings are ladened with political messages, overtly portrayed through vibrant colours, faceless figures, and thick black text.

Next month, Tate Liverpool will open its doors to the artist’s child-like cartoons as it…

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Keith Haring, Tate Liverpool Keith Haring, Tate Liverpool Keith Haring, Tate Liverpool Keith Haring, Tate Liverpool Keith Haring, Tate Liverpool Keith Haring, Tate Liverpool 
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Banksy Sets Up Amongst Venice Street Vendors to Share a New Multi-Panel Painting

Over the past month, the art world’s attention has been focused on the Venice Biennale, one of the most notable international shows on the planet. Many artists who are not in the invitation-only exhibition come to Venice to share their work in unaffiliated gallery shows and take advantage of the Biennale-boosted foot traffic. One such artist chose a more unorthodox setup for his Venice sideshow. Banksy (previously) joined the hordes of street vendors selling paintings to pedestrian tourists with a salon-style setup that merged several paintings together. Titled “Venice in Oil,” the multi-panel work depicts a gas-guzzling cruise ship towering over the ancient city as gondoliers in traditional dress row by.

Last week, many media outlets speculated that a stenciled artwork on a canal wall, depicting a migrant child holding up an S.O.S. flare was created by Banksy. But the British artist verifies his own work by sharing it on Instagram and his website, where the piece has yet to appear. The video below offers an on-the-ground view of the artist’s guerrilla street stall.

Three female designers reimagine Converse’s DNA for new collab

converse reimagined koche feng chen wang faith connexion

Earlier this year, Converse released its ‘Spark Progress’ project, celebrated young female talents. Among the five creatives, was longtime collaborator of the brand and Royal College of Art graduate Feng Chen Wang. For her latest partnership with the American footwear brand, Wang has returned, joined by…

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converse reimagined koche feng chen wang faith connexion converse reimagined koche feng chen wang faith connexion converse reimagined koche feng chen wang faith connexion converse reimagined koche feng chen wang faith connexion converse reimagined koche feng chen wang faith connexion converse reimagined koche feng chen wang faith connexion 
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Reference Studios wants to change the face of Berlin’s contemporary culture

reference berlin studios festival berlin 032c

Over the weekend in Berlin, anyone young, creative, and interested in immersing themselves in contemporary culture headed to an abandoned car park in Neukölln for Reference Berlin – the debut event from PR agency Reference Studios that merged the worlds of art, fashion, and technology.

Despite it not being what you’d typically expect from…

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Carles G.O’D.’s Provocative Work at Center of Show in Italy

Known for his lush and provocative illustrations and comics, Spanish artist Carles G.O’D. is the center of a major show at Tabularasa Tekè Gallery in Italy next month. “Closer to Heaven" kicks off on June 14 in the space and runs through Aug. 3. The massive trove of works on display include original drawings, comic pages, prints from his major projects, and more.

A day with Mashrou’ Leila, the new face of Middle Eastern pop music

Mashrou' Leila

Mashrou’ Leila were not meant to last. Their band name, which loosely translates to “overnight project” in Arabic, reflects how temporary the four-piece expected all of this to be when they first formed at the American University of Beirut in 2008. Today, though, the band play to tens of thousands at sold-out shows across the world, and have been lauded by critics and fans as the face of Arab and Middle Eastern alternative pop music today.

“I think we…

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Mercurial Emotions Carved into New Glitched Sculptures by Yoshitoshi Kanemaki

Japanese sculptor Yoshitoshi Kanemaki (previously) captures the emotional complexities of youth in his glitched 3-dimensional portraits. Kanemaki carves tree trunks into figures—often young women—whose faces are multiplied in expressions that range from distressed to joyful in a single sculpture. The figures’ casual, natural poses seem to capture them in real time: some of the artist’s characters perch on chairs mid-conversation, and others gesture with their arms to express confidence or bashfulness. In his finished works, Kanemaki usually uses lifelike coloring, but for one recent sculpture shown in detail below, the artist experimented with creating the sensation of an out-of-focus image by using soft, blurred shapes and colors to complete the expression. See more of the sculptor’s finished and in-progress works on Instagram and Facebook. (via Hi-Fructose)