Karoline Vitto’s sensual designs spotlight fat rolls as things of beauty

Karoline Vitto Gomes Royal College Art designer body image

Imagine what it would be like to grow up seeing the aspects of our bodies we’re supposed to be ashamed of as things of beauty. Instead of piling on the layers to conceal our back rolls, or contorting ourselves into uncomfortable, restrictive, and wholly un-sexy shapewear to smooth our stomachs and hips, our lumps, bumps, and bulges were celebrated as another of the things that makes us unique: like having green eyes, or curly hair, or a characterful nose. Failing that, for them just to be…

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Italian shoe brand Vic Matiē spotlights upcoming talents with new project

vic matie shoe brand project instagram

Since launching in 30 years ago, Italian shoe brand Vic Matiē has refined its vision to become a label which focuses on the creativity of up and coming talents – including stylist, art director, and Nike collaborator Veronica Panati who has worked with the brand since SS17.

As part of its latest endeavour, the label has launched a new…

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Photographer Liz Johnson Artur: 30 years of capturing black life

Liz Johnson Artur – summer 2019 2

Taken from the summer 2019 issue of Dazed. You can buy a copy of our latest issue here

Photographer Liz Johnson Artur first began taking pictures of black communities after visiting New York for the first time in the mid-80s. Born in Bulgaria to Russian-Ghanaian parents, the photographer grew up a “product of migration”:  “I had never really been around black communities,” she says, “so for me, going…

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Liz Johnson Artur – summer 2019 1 Liz Johnson Artur – summer 2019 4 Liz Johnson Artur – summer 2019 5 Liz Johnson Artur – summer 2019 3 Liz Johnson Artur – summer 2019 2 
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Frazzled Cats Formed From Hundreds of Hatched Lines by Luis Coehlo

“Meeko, Zipps, and Bubi”

Illustrator Luis Coehlo uses cross-hatching and stippling to form wide-eyed and bushy-tailed cats, armadillos, and flying squirrels. The seemingly surprised stylized animals are built using carefully placed short lines that build texture and volume. Coehlo, who lives in his hometown of Guimarães, Portugal, shares with Colossal that he has had a lifelong affinity for art. After studying painting and illustration in college and in Barcelona, he explored other paths for several years. Coehlo returned to art in seeking the meditative qualities of the practice:

One day I gave both my two nieces a blank sheet and I told them that they would have to decide what animals should appear on those white papers and that then I would have to draw those animals for them. I also told that those animals would be the guardians of their dreams and whenever they needed to get out of a nightmare they just needed to call them. What I didn’t know at that moment was that those two drawings marked the very beginning of the style that I’m working today.

Inspired by the delight he felt in collaborating with his nieces, Coehlo has focused his formerly wide-ranging art practice on animal interpretations for the young and young at heart. “Maybe because it started this way, I feel like all my creatures seem to have come out of a dream world, somewhat obscure but also adorable,” Coehlo explains. Through sharing his work online, the artist has been able to leave his office job and pursue illustration full-time. You can see more from Coehlo on his web shop and Instagram, where he accepts commissions. If you enjoy these critters, also look into the work of Kamwei Fong and Lindsey Thomas.

“Johnny Crumpets”






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The Crowded Paintings of Kiatanan Iamchan

Kiatanan Iamchan’s cacophonous paintings offer heaps of characters and unexpected elements, each assemblage acting as a growth adorning central figures. The artist says he's always had a passion for Thai fine art, in particular. Embedded in each of the paintings are cross-cultural, broad-scale reflections of an artist able to render multiple styles at once.

Cardi B is done with plastic surgery after numerous complications

Cardi B

A few weeks ago, Cardi B hit back at criticism over her decision to have plastic surgery after the birth of her baby Kulture and the news that she would be cancelling upcoming shows due to reported complications with some of her procedures. And now the rapper has taken to social media again, this time to vow she will never go under the knife again.

It all started last week,…

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Humberto Kim and Carol Lim are leaving Kenzo

Kenzo SS18 mens womens paris show backstage

After eight years at the helm of Kenzo, design duo Humberto Leon and Carol Lim have announced that they will be leaving the label to focus on Opening Ceremony

“Humberto and Carol consistently brought diversity and inclusion to the forefront at Kenzo,” Sylvie Colin, chief executive officer tells read more »


Excited to get back up to the Bay Area for our third time this coming June with our friends at Heron Arts. Nearly 90 artists will be taking part in the third iteration of ‘LAX / SFO’ and this show promises to be our biggest in SF to date.

All the artists have been asked to work within the same space confines of 12×12 inches (30×30 cm) and left to their own devices from there. We’re excited to see the results and share them with you all this June.

Adding some flavor to the space and serving as the show’s main highlight, we’re honored to have site specific mural interventions being placed throughout the gallery by Amy Sol and Lauren YS alongside installations from Balloonski all being created during the week leading up to the opening. These ephemeral works will only be up for the run of our show, so don’t miss your chance to see what these three incredible creatives come up with. We definitely can’t wait to see them collaborate!

See more images below or on display at Heron Arts in San Francisco from June 15 – July 6.



Fumi Nakamura
Fumi Nakamura



Wiley Wallace
Wiley Wallace



Nicola Caredda
Nicola Caredda



Martine Johanna
Martine Johanna



Kristin Farr
Kristin Farr



Hanna Lee Joshi
Hanna Lee Joshi