Why being transgender is not the same as appropriating an ethnicity

Trans rights

Last week, I discovered a thread on the internet. The Tweet I saw read “Can we start a thread and post all of the white girls cosplaying as black women on Instagram? Let’s air them out because this is ALARMING.” I couldn’t stop scrolling through the replies. There were dozens of photos of white girls from Instagram who looked like they were trying to transform themselves into mixed race and black girls with fake tan,…

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Bonnie Bakeneko’s fetish face and mouth jewellery find beauty in the ugly

Bonnie Bakeneko

Like many creatives who are othered for being ‘different’, Bonnie Bakeneko is all about challenging conventional beauty standards – something they do through their handmade bespoke fetish pieces for the face and mouth. Drawing on their struggles with mental health, the non-binary artist’s designs reflect the dark desires that underpin your deepest fantasies. Offering custom pieces to cater your own aesthetic taste, Bakeneko’s…

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Ezra Miller just slayed the red carpet yet again


Welcome to dazeddigital.com, which we’re currently in the process of re-branding to ezramillerstylewatch.org – a not-for-profit website dedicated to alerting you to the indie icon’s most fire looks. Trust us, there’s going to be a lot of #content (especially if this last week is anything to go by).

Fresh from his appearance at the Paris premiere of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, where he took to the red carpet like some read more »

How one artist used photography to come to terms with her disability

Mari Katayama

Mari Katayama’s self-portraits usually depict her in the centre of painstakingly arranged objects, either in intimate bedroom spaces or in vast and awe-inspiring landscapes. The objects vary in each piece; however, specific motifs continuously pop up, in particular, crabs, paying homage amongst other things to her star sign…

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Meet the cosplaying avatar redefining beauty with her holographic filters

Dazed beauty 03

Following in the footsteps of Lil Miquela and Perl, Dadeko is your new favourite internet it girl. Born on the world wide web, Dadeko is all about changing up her look, something which she has been able to do with a combination of 3D…

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Michael Olestad is the Norwegian designer on the rise

michael Olestad SS19 collection @michaelolestad

There has been a remarkable shift in the Scandinavian fashion landscape lately, as the archetypal minimalist style the region is known for makes way for new ideas and concepts from up-and-coming creative talents – take Robyn-approved brand Haal, former Fashion East resident designer read more »

Ai Weiwei speaks honestly on China’s past, present, and future

Ai WeiWei: Life Cycle

In 2012, Ai Weiwei argued that China’s art world does not exist. Speaking with The Guardian, the artist explained that in his home country, art is a consumerist offering that provides little in the way of a genuine experience of China. His comment fuels the idea that true Chinese art only comes from the country’s read more »

Ai WeiWei: Life Cycle Ai WeiWei: Life Cycle Ai WeiWei: Life Cycle Ai WeiWei: Life Cycle Ai WeiWei: Life Cycle Ai WeiWei: Life Cycle 
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Sun Kil Moon: This Is My Dinner

Mark Kozelek’s latest diary entry of an album amounts to a rote and barely listenable slog of hackneyed impersonations, petty grievances, and prideful nostalgia.