How memes became an agent of protest in 2018


Each new ad or campaign aimed at young people only serves as a reminder that adults don’t understand how to talk to us. (Why does everyone think we all care so much about avocados?) Nevertheless, America’s teens have proven this month that they can communicate with each other perfectly. Whatever you think of read more »

The Vulnerable Oil Paintings of Aleah Chapin

Aleah Chapin’s vulnerable figures exist within a spectrum of emotions: joy, contemplating, stoicism. Yet, in each, the painter has the ability to tie our natural states to nature itself, often crafting lush environments for her subjects. The artist is particularly influenced by the region she inhabited in her youth.

A Full-Scale Demolished Car Constructed From Silk, Aluminum Mesh, and Tulle by Jannick Deslauriers

Montreal-based textile artist Jannick Deslauriers builds elaborate and often life-size pieces of machinery by sewing together yards of silk, aluminum mesh, and tulle. Each fabric she uses is transparent, which speaks to the hidden politics lurking behind commonly used objects and goods. One of her latest works, Sentence, souffle et linceul, is a full-scale replica of a demolished car. The translucent vehicle is slumped to the right, its broken form further exaggerated through a composition of soft and easily manipulated materials.

The sculpture is currently displayed at Art Mûr Montreal for the artist’s solo exhibition, which shares the same name as the sewn automobile. Also included in the exhibition are two miniature sculptures which depict a damaged model train and a segment of broken telephone lines—their transparent appearance similar to that of the nearby vehicle. The exhibition runs through April 28, 2018. You can see more of Deslauriers’s work on her website.


Troy Agency is streetcasting London’s newest model faces

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 15.40.34

In terms of design, styling, and photography, London has a rightfully-deserved reputation as a hub of young creative talent. But what about the multitude of other jobs that make up the industry, or who find the subjects which will bring clothes to life? When it comes to seeking out and casting the most interesting new model faces, Troy Fearn is an upcoming name to look out for.

“I was always into the idea of making beautiful images,”…

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These theatrical photos reclaim Guinean identity from the Western gaze

Ya Kala Ben by Namsa Leuba

In 19th century Africa, deeply racist photography created a visual perception of the continent as the exotic ‘other’ by fetishising African culture and colonial domination. Since then, the rise of African photography through the lenses of photographers like Malick Sidibé and read more »

Ya Kala Ben by Namsa Leuba Ya Kala Ben by Namsa Leuba Ya Kala Ben by Namsa Leuba Ya Kala Ben by Namsa Leuba Ya Kala Ben by Namsa Leuba Ya Kala Ben by Namsa Leuba 
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Ciou’s Vibrant, Mixed-Media Works in New Show

Ciou's vibrant, mixed-media works, with a sensibility labeled as “necro-kawai,” are collected in a new show at KochxBos Gallery in Amsterdam. The works in "The Inner Land Part 1" blend ink and acrylics on paper, with her signature characters in wildly active scenes. The show runs from March 24 through April 14 at the gallery. Ciou last appeared on here.

Bunny Michael is the meme-making, psychedelic rapper touring with Fever Ray

Bunny Michael

You might be familiar with Bunny Michael even if you’ve never heard their music before. For the past two years they’ve been posting ‘higher self’ memes on Instagram – images of Bunny next to their double, paired with a spiritually uplifting caption representing their inner dialogue. (For example: “Me: You hurt me.” “Higher Self: What you said triggered pain in me.”) This double, the higher self, is a wiser and more enlightened…

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How plus size clothes helped me feel good naked

Plussize positive artwork v07 MW

On a night out in the Lower East Side of Manhattan circa 2013, I found myself wearing a sequined purple mini dress. I had paired it with the chunky white sneakers that were very on-trend that year and a frayed denim shirt to accentuate my waist. The look wasn’t likely what most would call “sexy” per se. In retrospect, the shoes were not unlike those an 80s mum might wear, and the dress wasn’t so form-fitting that I couldn’t breathe, like most bodycon clubwear. Still, I’d never felt…

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